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The first season of The Morning Show consists of ten episodes. It debuted with a three-episode release ("In the Dark Night of the Soul It's Always 3:30 in the Morning", "A Seat at the Table" and "Chaos Is the New Cocaine") on November 1, 2019 on Apple TV+ with one episode released weekly on Fridays until the finale ("The Interview") on December 20.


Alex Levy runs The Morning Show, a popular news program that has excelled TV ratings and changed the face of American television forever.

After her partner of 15 years, Mitch Kessler, is fired amidst a sexual misconduct scandal, Alex fights to retain her job as top newsreader while sparking a rivalry with Bradley Jackson, an aspiring journalist who seeks to take Alex's place.


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No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "In the Dark Night of the Soul It's Always 3:30 in the Morning" Mimi Leder Kerry Ehrin
Jay Carson
November 1, 2019
1x01-1 Alex Mitch presenting at desk.jpg
America's favorite morning news show is thrown into crisis when it becomes the news.
2 2 "A Seat at the Table" Mimi Leder Kerry Ehrin
Jay Carson
November 1, 2019
1x02-1 Bradley Corey interview.jpg
Alex engages in contract negotiations as she prepares to accept an award. Bradley is courted for a new opportunity.
3 3 "Chaos Is the New Cocaine" David Frankel Erica Lipez November 1, 2019
1x03-1 Alex new co-host Bradley.jpg
In a weekend of turmoil, TMS scrambles to prepare itself for its new future.
4 4 "That Woman" Lynn Shelton Adam Milch November 8, 2019
1x04-1 Alex Bradley first show.jpg
TMS experiences severe growing pains as it embarks on a new era.
5 5 "No One's Gonna Harm You, Not While I'm Around" David Frankel Torrey Speer November 15, 2019
1x05-1 Chip control room.jpg
A looming article threatens to upend the TMS power structure.
6 6 "The Pendulum Swings" Tucker Gates Kristen Layden November 22, 2019
1x06-1 Hannah work wildfire.jpg
TMS covers the California wildfires, while Alex and Bradley struggle to keep their relationship from going up in flames.
7 7 "Open Waters" Roxann Dawson Jeff Augustin November 28, 2019
1x07-1 TMS group photo.jpg
Bradley is presented with an opportunity that could jeopardize her tenuous, newfound bond with Alex.
8 8 "Lonely at the Top" Michelle MacLaren JC Lee December 6, 2019
1x08-1 Alex Mitch birthday studio.jpg
TMS celebrates the birthday of one of their own as the country struggles with a tragic event.
9 9 "Play the Queen" Kevin Bray Erica Lipez
Ali Vingiano
December 13, 2019
1x09-1 Corey hotel bar.jpg
New alliances are formed and old bonds are revived as TMS is forced to reckon with its past.
10 10 "The Interview" Mimi Leder Kerry Ehrin December 20, 2019
1x10-1 Alex Bradley fight on street.jpg
TMS faces a fateful day as a plan to shake up UBA is set in motion.




Notes and Trivia[]

  • The season has warranted the show with 3 Golden Globe Nominations, making Apple TV+ the first-ever streaming platform to receive recognition from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association: