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Rena Robinson is Chip's loyal assistant at UBA's The Morning Show. When Chip was fired, she became Mia's assistant.


Mitch's 50th Birthday and Vegas Shooting[]

Rena joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.

Later, when they learned there had been a mass shooting in Las Vegas, Rena helped them prepare to send a team there for a special show. She wasn't able to get a hold of Jared, the head booker, so Hannah was sent in his place. She also booked hotel rooms for everyone who was going. When they returned, Rena asked how it had been and Hannah told her it was really sad.[1]

Mitch's Firing and Bradley's Hiring[]

When Mitch Kessler was fired from The Morning Show when the New York Times reported on allegations of sexual harassment against him, Rena fielded dozens of calls that came into UBA. When Fred and Cory from UBA called, she put them through. When Alex did the first show after the reveal, Chip asked Rena to call PR to see how their response was landing with the public.[2]

Rena told Chip when Bradley Jackson arrived at the studio for their meeting. Cory had set it up as he wanted Bradley as a field correspondent for the show.[3]

When Vicki Manderly arrived to interview everyone on the show about Mitch and the culture at the network, Rena informed Chip of her arrival.[4]

Mitch came to the studio one day to ask his former co-workers to stand up for him. When he arrived, Rena warned Chip that he was there and Chip told her to call security.

Rena later went out with several women from the show to celebrate Claire's birthday. At the bar, they talked about dating co-workers and Mitch's behavior. While they were hanging out, the New York Times article about Mitch and the show came out. They all read it and then Rena texted Chip to say it could have been worse.[5]


Rena went to California with much of the cast and crew of TMS to cover the wildfires raging there. While they were there, Rena handed out masks to everyone, as it was network policy to make sure everyone had one to wear if they wanted. Later, Rena spread the word that the wind had shifted and they needed to pack up and move immediately.[6]

Mia's Speech[]

When Mia took a microphone and spoke to everyone on set about her relationship with Mitch and the rumors surrounding it, Rena left to go get Chip and tell him what was happening.[7]

Chip Being Replaced[]

When Rena heard that Fred was meeting with people to replace Chip as EP of TMS, she went to Chip and warned him. Chip was unconcerned, saying they did that every year as a tactic.[8]

Rena later got a call from Cory saying that Fred wanted to meet with Chip at 4:00, which he believed was Fred firing him. He told Chip about it and he knew what it was for. He made a quick statement to the staff around him, thanking them, and then left.

Rena then met Chip at a café and asked her to sneak Mitch into the studio for his interview without Alex knowing. He explained the plan and apologized for dragging her in. She said she would have been insulted if he hadn't.

The interview was later cancelled when Hannah died suddenly. Despite this, Alex and Bradley decided to use their air time to report on Fred covering up Mitch's actions. While they were doign this, Rena passed Fred in the hallway, on his way to shut down the feed. She warned Cory and Mia about it and they locked the doors to the control room, keeping Fred out and allowing the broadcast to continue.[9]

New Years[]

With New Years Eve approaching, Rena told Mia she needed to approve the year-end clip package. When they reviewed the many depressing news stories for the year, Rena asked if they should include Bradley and Alex's moment. Mia said they should, but choose the clip very carefully. Rena also mentioned that Archie, the royal baby, was born in 2019, a sliver of optimism.

As 2019 fed into 2020, Rena celebrated with Mia and the others back at the station.[10]

Dinner at Cory's[]

When Cory invited Mia to dinner at his place with Stella and Alex, Rena informed her of this invitation. She told Rena to clear it with Cory's office, then invite Bradley to join the dinner as well.[11]

Alex and Cory's Return[]

Rena was working with Lindsey, Layla, Isabella, and Joel to prepare for Alex's return show when Mia came in and told them that Chip was returning to produce Alex. Layla was shocked, but Rena was excited. They also learned that Daniel was being quarantined for 14 days in a hotel in Beijing.

On Chip's first day back, Rena greeted him happily and told him that others weren't happy about his return, but they'd get used to it.[12]

As Alex filmed her first episode back, Rena celebrated with Chip, dancing backstage while The Foo Fighters performed on TMS.[13]

Rena was among those who helped Alex prepare to moderate the presidential debate, pretending to be the candidates responding to questions she was considering.[14]

When Alex didn't return to The Morning Show after skipping gout on the Vegas debate, claiming continued back pain, Chip had to admit to Rena that he hadn't heard from Alex since she left Vegas, a comment Mia overheard, enraging her.[15]

Mitch's Death[]

When Mia learned that they had an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died in a single-car accident in Italy, she gathered everyone on set together to tell them the news and ask them not to spread it until they were able to confirm the claim's veracity. When they later confirmed it was true, Bradley reported the news on the show.[16]

Mitch's Memorial and Coronavirus[]

Rena led Paige into the studio so she could invite everyone to Mitch's memorial. Later, she told Mia she'd been unable to get a hold of COVID tests.[17]

When Alex tested positive for COVID, everyone else at TMS was called together and informed they'd had a positive test and everyone needed to go home immediately and wait for further instructions. Everyone immediately started speculating that Alex was the positive case. Rena was angry and said it was malicious. She also asked Stella if she knew.[18]







She is very loyal to Chip. She was shown to be willing to put her job on the line in order to secure his interview with Mitch on the show.


Rena was Chip's personal assistant at UBA's The Morning Show. When Chip was fired, she became Mia's assistant.

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