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Mia Jordan is Bradley's producer at UBA's The Morning Show.


Affair with Mitch[]

Mia was the latest in a string of Mitch Kessler's affairs. It broke off shortly before news broke of his sexual misconduct.

Mitch's 50th Birthday[]

On the last show day before Mitch's birthday, Mia was among those who greeted him with happy birthday wishes. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled away from him.

Mia later joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.

After the party, they learned there had been a mass shooting in Las Vegas, so a team was sent there to do a special show. As they were preparing that team, Chip told Mia that she was being moved from Mitch's team to Alex's. She asked if it was punishment for breaking things off with him, but Chip said that wasn't it.[1]

Bradley's Interview and Hiring[]

When Bradley came to New York to be interviewed on The Morning Show, Alex greeted her and got her set up to have her make-up done. When Bradley's interview finished, Mia told her she'd done well.[2]

At an awards show where Alex was being honored, she shocked everyone, including Bradley, by announced Bradley as her new co-host.[3]

Bradley was immediately swarmed by people wanting to interview her, but Mia grabbed her and led her through the crowd and out to a car. In the car, Mia told her Cory was waiting for her at the studio. Bradley tried to say she needed to go to the airport instead, but Mia said Alex had put it on the public record, so Bradley was the new co-host whether she liked it or not. Mia took Bradley to the green room to wait and told her to think about what she wanted. Then she went to Chip and said she wanted to be Bradley's producer. To start that, she took Bradley to learn the ropes. She started by telling Bradley the show was entirely scripted, which Bradley didn't like. She then took Bradley to the stage to watch the action. When Bradley took issue with the backstory they'd written for her, Mia promised they were taking notes and making changes based on Bradley's input.

When Mia learned that Alex had insisted on doing the interview with Ashley Brown, one of Mitch's accusers, she went to Alex and told her not to do it, because she wouldn't be able to get the right story from it and she'd get crucified.

Mia then coached Bradley while she rehearsed with Daniel.[4]

On Bradley's first day, she went off-script when talking about her childhood, including telling everyone she'd had an abortion when she was fifteen. Mia warned Chip that the women's groups would eat them alive if they cut that portion from the west coast feed. Desperate to cut Bradley's air time to prevent any more slip-ups, Chip asked Mia to find things to fill the time. After the show, Mia went to check on Bradley, who was lying down on the floor of her dressing room.

On Thursday, Vicki Manderly, whom the network had hired to investigate the culture on TMS, interviewed Mia. Mia told her about her relationship with Mitch. Mia explained that it didn't feel at the time as though Mitch had seduced her. It lasted about a year before Mia ended things. Vicki said she understood why Mia spoke to the Times, but Mia said that wasn't her. Mia had made a complaint to HR a week before his termination, but only because she couldn't stand to watch Mitch report on #MeToo anymore. She wanted that to stop, but didn't mean to get him fired.

Mia then prepared Bradley to do the interview with Ashley Brown. She told Bradley she could do a better job than anyone else getting Ashley to tell her truth. Mia was shocked when Bradley again went off-script during the interview, getting Ashley to reveal more than expected about what Mitch had done. Mia tried to get Bradley to stop, but Bradley removed her earpiece and continued.[5]

Claire's Birthday and NYT Article[]

Mia went out with several of the other women at TMS to celebrate Claire's birthday. While they were out, they talked about the article coming in the Times about the show and dating co-workers. While they talked, Mia defended the decisions she'd made, saying that they would have to do many of the same things when they'd been in the business as long as she had. Ultimately, Mia ended up leaving early.[6]


Mia went to California with much of the cast and crew of TMS to cover the wildfires raging there. On the plane there, Mia talked to Bradley, who said she was glad Mia was at Claire's birthday party. She was concerned that the staff didn't trust her, but Mia said it had only been a week and she needed to give it time.

Later, at a production meeting, Mia said they had some kids who had survived in a swimming pool. When they started to set things up to prepare for filming, Mia said they'd need a bigger trailer as they were filming the whole show there.[7]

Fighting Rumors[]

Shortly after their return to New York, Chip gathered Mia, Nicky, Layla, and Joel together and said that they had to scrap the bird flu story and needed suggestions for a replacement. Mia suggested a pre-taped interview Bradley had done, which she said was strong. Nicky, Joel, and Layla debated other suggestions, but Chip decided to go with Bradley's interview, which upset Nicky. Mia reminded him that Chip was his boss. Nick said Chip was her boss as well and suggested she stop kissing his ass, which everyone knew was her specialty. There was silence after those remarks unti Nicky apologized. Mia brushed it off and tried to move on, but Chip told Nicky to pack his things and leave. Nicky was angry at being fired for saying to Mia's face what people had been saying behind her back for over a year. Mia followed Chip as he went back to his office and said he had to hire Nicky back as firing him wouldn't help her. Instead, it would make things worse. She would always be a woman who slept with Mitch at TMS.

Later, when she entered the control room, Bart said that Nicky was just making a joke and didn't deserve to have his life ruined over a joke. Mia said that Chip had fired him, not her. Donny also told him to back off, but Bart while he would, others wouldn't. Mia then took a microphone and called everyone's attention to her. She started talking about her relationship with Mitch and the rumors surrounding it. She said she knew what they were all saying about her. She could deny it, as most of it was lies, but she didn't have the energy and knew people had already decided what to believe. She said she wanted to move on with her life and focus on her work. She felt she deserved the opportunity to be known for more than her connection to Mitch.

As she left, she was followed by Bradley and apologized to her for not telling her about her relationship with Mitch. Bradley said she was sorry Mia had to deal with that.[8]

Alex and Bradley's Takeover[]

After Hannah died of an overdose, Alex decided it was time to come clean with everything on air. She and Bradley reported on Fred's inaction and the toxic work environment it created. Alex also confessed to her part in it, saying she should have called out some behaviors, but she was succeeding, so she let it go. During this broadcast, Marlon and Fred both tried to stop it, but Mia and Cory held Marlon back and locked Fred out of the control room. Eventually, their takeover ended when the studio cut them off.[9]

Producing The Morning Show and Alex's Return[]

Eight months after Alex and Bradley's broadcast, Mia continued her work producing at The Morning Show. As news broke that an evening news anchor was being accused of creating a hostile work environment, Mia helped make arrangements for Eric's replacement so he could move to fill the open slot in evening news. In the meeting, she floated the idea of moving Bradley to the evening news instead, but Cory and Stella weren't convinced she could handle it.

Mia then had to approve the year-end package, so she gave orders about what to include and how much. There was a struggle because there weren't a lot of good news stories for the year. Mia also said they could include Bradley and Alex's moment, but cautioned them to choose the clip carefully. She also told them to dedicate the broadcast to Hannah.

Mia watched from the control room as Bradley and Eric hosted the New Years Eve Extravaganza. When the clock struck midnight, she celebrated with the others at the station.[10]

Mia was invited to have dinner at Cory's with him, Stella, and Alex. When she learned about the dinner, she asked Rena to clear it with Cory and invite Bradley as well so they could find out if she was feeling better and ready to return to work after calling off for several days in a row following her learning that Eric was moving to evening news.

When Daniel told her that someone in Washington state had the novel coronavirus, Mia said they could dedicate one minute to the story, because they had so many other stories to cover.

At the dinner, Mia witnessed the first meeting between Bradley and Alex since Alex quit. Once that was over, Mia said she hoped they were both ready to return to work and asked Bradley is she was feeling better. Bradley said she was pushing through it. The dinner conversation first went to the coronavirus and Alex suggested sending Daniel to Wuhan to cover it and having Bradley go to the Iowa caucus instead of him. Despite Stella saying it wasn't exciting television, Mia said Daniel was right that they should cover it. When the conversation turned to the impeachment trial, Cory interrupted and called attention to himself for a toast to Alex and Bradley's reunion and to reveal his plans for Alex's return, including one-on-one interviews for each of them with Laura Peterson.[11]

Mia tried to help set up Alex's interview with Laura. Laura wanted to follow Alex for two days as she left her quiet life to return to the show, but Alex agreed to give her only four hours and said that was enough time to get the material she needed. Mia then went back to the studio and warned the others that Chip was coming back to produce Alex. The news was met with mixed reactions, but Mia told them they had to get on board. She also told them that Daniel was quarantining in the Beijing Hilton for 14 days. When Daniel called her to complain about being quarantined and then bumped from The Morning Show after he was told they didn't have time for him to report on the virus, Mia told him it wasn't impacting Americans and they needed ratings.[12]

With Chip returning, Mia started to feel sidelined by his presence. After the show, Daniel came to her and said that he'd noticed a pattern of discrimination against non-white employees of the show. In response, she told him she'd do what she could. Mia met with Stella and Yanko to explain that he needed to apologize for using the term "spirit animal" in his Groundhog Day report and once Yanko left, talked to Stella about Daniel, who admitted that she didn't feel that Daniel had the "It" factor and couldn't go beyond where he was. Mia went back to Daniel and told him moderating the debate wasn't going to happen for him and also told him about Stella's comment. When Bernadette Peters cancelled as their special guest, Mia was left scrambling to find a replacement. Chip tried to help, but Mia told him to stop undermining her with the staff. Despite Chip suggesting a replacement, when the time came for the special guest to appear, Daniel came on stage and gave a grandiose performance of Coming to America. When Daniel left the stage, Mia asked him what the performance was.[13]

Mia had to tell Yanko that the apology he'd made wasn't sufficient and in order to make things right with viewers, he needed to go to Florida and meet with members of the Seminole tribe on camera. He said he was happy to make the trip, but he didn't want to do it on camera, despite Mia's insistence. He said he didn't want to be Stella's tool.[14]

When Alex left Vegas early due to back pain, she called in sick to The Morning Show. At the next meeting, Mia told Bradley that she'd be moderating the upcoming Phoenix debate. She also asked for an update on Alex and Isabella said Alex was feeling a bit better, but still didn't know when she'd be able to return. After that meeting, Mia met with Stella and Chip. She said Alex's health was the priority, but they wanted to know when she'd return as it made them look back to promise Alex Levy and then not have her show up. They also had to decide who would replace her until her return and Cory, who was there dealing with another issue, made a call and got Laura Peterson to agree. Mia knew Alex wouldn't like that, but Chip said it might motivate her to return sooner.

On Laura's first day on the show, Mia was shocked when Bradley abruptly left the set during a break between segments. When she asked about it, Chip explained that Bradley and Laura were together and had been outed by an article in The Vault.

Meanwhile, Mia called Ken at Vanity Fair, wanting to know what was in Maggie's book, so she knew what she would be dealing with. He sent her an article that was going to be published about Mitch targeting Black women which upset her. Mia then overheard Chip admitting to Rena that he hadn't spoken to Alex since she left Vegas, which made her angry as managing Alex was his job. She told him to get her lead anchor back.[15]

Mitch's Death[]

When Stella told Mia they had an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died in a car accident in Italy, Mia assigned members of the team to see if they could confirm the story. She then told Chip to get Alex back in the studio as soon as possible. While they waited for two conformations, Mia gathered everyone and told them. She asked them not to spread the information and just keep doing what they were doing until it was confirmed. When they heard from Clay Becker, whose house Mitch had been staying in, that Mitch had in fact died, Mia said they just needed a second confirmation to run the story. She said she'd write the copy herself. Later, Alex, newly returned from Italy herself, called Mia with the second confirmation, which she'd gotten from Paola Lambruschini, who was with Mitch when he died. Alex said she was going to tell Paige herself and she'd let Mia know when she'd done that so they could run the story. When Alex called back to give Mia the go-ahead, she also said she wanted Bradley to deliver the news.[16]


As the novel coronavirus continued to spread, Mia told Alex they were setting up little studios in everyone's homes in case things got really bad. Mia then learned from Rena that they hadn't been able to secure COVID tests for everyone.[17]

In the wake of the leaked video of Alex speaking at Mitch's memorial, including confessing that she'd been in Italy, Mia and Stella met with Gerald, Teresa, and Pamela. Mia said that basically everyone on her show had been in contact with Alex since her return, but Stella said it was statistically unlikely that Alex had COVID. While they were talking, Stella got a call from Alex confirmed that she had actually tested positive. Stella sent Mia to send everyone home.

Mia went to the TMS set and gathered everyone together. She told them someone had tested positive and so they all had to go straight home immediately. People immediately speculated that Alex was the one who had tested positive, but Stella said they couldn't divulge that. As they all chided Alex for being reckless, Mia called for quiet and said that anyone who could work remotely would and they'd figure something out for everyone else. In the meantime, everyone had to go home and wait for further instructions. After everyone had left, including Daniel, who quit before leaving, Mia asked Stella if Cory knew about Alex and Stella left to tell him.

Mia later called Daniel, who was driving across the country to get his grandfather out of a nursing home, and tried to convince him to come back. They talked about the difficult of being Black in their industry, but he said he couldn't come back. He couldn't keep waiting for someone to offer him a seat at the table and instead had to make his own table. Despite everything, he insisted that he couldn't come back.[18]




She was involved in affair with Mitch. The two had been friendly for a while and then Mitch took things to the next level by letting her into his private world, confiding in her about his marital troubles. They began sleeping together shortly before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and the affair continued for roughly a year, with Mia breaking things off just prior to the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting (because things had become "too complicated").





Mia started out as Mitch Kessler's producer at The Morning Show (UBA). When she broke off their affair, Mitch retaliated by booting her from his team, after which she was reassigned to Alex Levy. Alex was not happy about this and did not treat her well (at one point even telling Chip Black that she's not Mitch's "trash can"). When Bradley Jackson was brought in to replace Mitch, Mia saw her chance and immediately offered to be HER producer.


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