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Maggie Brener is a journalist who often reports on the goings-on at UBA and TMS.


Alex's Award and Announcement[]

When Alex was being honored for leadership in journalism, Maggie presented the award to her.[1]

As she accepted the award, Alex announced Bradley Jackson as her new co-host, shocking everyone. In the furor that resulted, Maggie approached Bradley and asked to interview her. Cory stepped in an herded Bradley away before she could say anything.[2]

Interviewing Bradley and Alex's Party[]

Later, New York Magazine reached out to Chip and said Maggie wanted to interview Bradley for a feature piece.[3]

During the interview, Maggie repeatedly tried to get Bradley to admit that she hadn't been vetted and had no idea that she was going to be the new host, but Bradley refused to admit that. She also refused to throw Alex under the bus and said things had been going smoothly and she looked forward to proving to Maggie that they made a great team.

Maggie then attended Alex's fundraising party, where Alex tried to convince Maggie that she had plucked Bradley out of obscurity for the show and trained her up and was her mentor. Maggie saw through her ruse and told Alex that she wasn't going to write a feminist fluff piece about them.[4]

Interviewing Chip[]

Maggie came to Chip's office to interview him about the transition to working with Bradley. He told her things had settled in nicely and it was a pleasure to watch her work. Once he finished, Maggie packed up her things and went to leave. He questioned her not asking him about Mitch. She told him she had everything she needed, but before she could leave, Chip teased a bigger story, one that could incriminate the network at a much higher level. She didn't believe he just crew a conscience overnight. She said she was looking for a better story than the one Chip was offering.[5]

Planned Coup[]

Maggie came to Cory to ask him if he was plotting a corporate takeover. She felt she owed her career to Fred as he gave her her start and warned Cory that it wouldn't go well for him if he was plotting something. He denied anything was happening.[6]

Maggie met with Fred and told him she was working on a story about UBA. He asked if she was stabbing him in the back. She said that wasn't her goal, but if she was, she didn't want it to be a surprise. He remidned her that he'd always supported her. She said she'd support him as well. She told him the story had come across her desk before, but she'd always thrown it away. She couldn't do that anymore as stories like that don't stay buried anymore. She promised to give him a fair shake, but that the story was going to come out.

Maggie then reached out to Hannah, asking Hannah to call her. Not long after that, Alex and Bradley reported on Fred's actions on TMS.[7]


After the shake-up at UBA, Maggie began writing a book about the backstage goings-on. There was significant buzz surrounding the book, with many speculating the contents.[8] Despite this buzz, they kept advanced copies under strict lock and key, so Alex's agent wasn't able to get a copy to read.[9]

While Alex and Bradley were having lunch together prior to Alex's return to the show, Maggie came up to their table and said she was excited to see them working together and promised she'd be tuning in. Later, while Alex was being interviewed by Laura Peterson, Laura told her that she'd been able to read Maggie's book and it painted TMS as a place rife with sexism and ageism, which Alex said matched her experience to some degree.[10]

Maggie came to Las Vegas for the presidential debate. The night before the debate, Alex came to Maggie's hotel room, desperate to find out what Maggie had written about her in her book. Maggie refused to tell her beyond saying that everything in the book had been fact-checked and there was nothing in there about Alex that Alex didn't already know. Alex asked if what Laura implied about Alex sleeping with Mitch was in there and Maggie confirmed that it was. Alex begged Maggie not to associate her with Mitch that way, but Maggie said the book was done and Alex was welcome to sue if anything in there was false. As a courtesy, she said she wouldn't include Alex's late-night visit in the book.[11]

A week before her book was set to come out, Maggie agreed to go on UBA and be interviewed by Bradley. In the interview, Bradley allowed Maggie to tell the real story of how Bradley got her job at TMS and confirmed that what she said was true. Though she said Alex obviously made a good decision as Bradley had done a pretty good job. Bradley then picked apart why Maggie was so obsessed with Alex, especially her relationship with Mitch. She then pointed out the cruelty of Maggie publishing the story about Alex and Mitch sleeping together after Alex came to her, desperately begging her not to. Bradley then told everyone that she believed the stories in Maggie's book, from five, ten, fifteen years ago, showed the old Alex, while she knew the new Alex, whom she believed had changed and grown.[12]







She is a journalist at New York Magazine.

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