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Lindsey Sherman is an employee of The Morning Show.


Mitch's 50th Birthday[]

Lindsey joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.[1]

Mitch's Return[]

When Mitch came to the studio after being fired for sexual misconduct, he asked Lindsey how her dog was doing. She was touched that he remembered, though she, like everyone else, stayed quiet when he asked them to stand up for him.[2]

End of Year Plan[]

Lindsey helped make a plan for the end-of-year report for 2019 at The Morning Show. She also proposed two stories for the next day's show and asked Mia to pick one.[3]

Alex and Chip's Return[]

When Alex decided to sneak into the studio ahead of her return, Lindsey was happy to see her, though Alex quickly told her to pretend she wasn't there, as her return hadn't been announced.[4]

Lindsey was pretend when Mia informed a group of employees that Chip would be returning to produce Alex, to mixed reactions.[5]

Debate Prep[]

Lindsey and several others helped Alex prepare to moderate the Vegas presidential debate. They proposed possible topics and posed as candidates pretending to answer the questions.[6]

Bradley's Outing and Mitch's Death[]

When Bradley and Laura's relationship was outed by The Vault, Lindsey shared the article with Chip.[7]

When it seemed like Laura wasn't going to come in one morning to do the show, Aflamu asked Lindsey if she really wouldn't show up. Lindsey said she hoped not. Then she corrected a mistake in something Layla had written and asked her to look at.

Soon afterward, Mia gathered everyone on set together and told them they had an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died in a single-car accident in Italy. She asked them not to spread the news until they were able to confirm it. Later, when it was confirmed, Bradley reported on his death.[8]

Mitch's Memorial[]

After Paige came to the studio to invite everyone to Mitch's memorial, Lindsey decided to attend. She was visibly distressed at Dick Lundy's euology and later shocked when Alex appeared at the reception.[9]








She works for The Morning Show.

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