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Laura Peterson is an anchor at UBA News.


Alex's Interview[]

Laura asked for two days to follow Alex around as she left her quiet life, but Alex refused and agreed to give her only four hours for an interview. When Alex arrived, they posed for pictures together and then began the interview. She asked Alex about her last day at The Morning show and what Alex would say to her younger self if she could. Laura then asked her about the environment at UBA and if she felt the problems had been fixed. Alex said they had. Laura then asked about Hannah without using her name, but Alex declined to answer as she said Hannah valued her privacy. Laura then asked about Maggie's book and said she'd read a portion that said that ageism and sexism were rampant at The Morning Show, which somewhat lined up with Alex's experiences. Laura then asked the nature of Alex's relationship with Mitch. After taking a few moments, Alex said that Mitch was her best friend, but Mitch was a lot of things to a lot of people. She then told Laura that she didn't speak to Mitch anymore.[1]

Bradley's Interview and Outing[]

Next, Laura joined Bradley on her flight to Iowa to begin their interview. She asked Bradley about her career and how she came to The Morning Show. Bradley said that she grew up knowing many doors wouldn't be open for her, so she convinced herself she didn't want it, then she found something she was really good at it and doors started opening for her. And then she got to a point where she realized she didn't have the control she thought she did, so she had to learn how not to ruin things after working so hard to get where she was. While they were talking, they had a charged moment, but Bradley dropped her coffee cup, breaking the tension. That evening, after everyone else left to go to bed, Laura admitted that Cory had asked her to look out for Bradley and give her some guidance, but said after spending time with Bradley, she didn't think Bradley needed her help. She then said that The Morning Show wasn't using Bradley in the right way. Laura asked about Bradley's relationship to Alex, but Bradley didn't answer.

The next day, Laura told Bradley she'd gotten everything she needed for the interview, but wanted to ask one more question off the record, just between them. She asked if Bradley really was vetted for the job. Instead of answering, Bradley pulled her in for a kiss. After a moment, she pulled back and apologized, but Laura just brought her back in to keep kissing her.[2]

After filming Alex's first show back, Bradley went back to Laura and they had sex. Bradley denied both being in the closet and being a lesbian when Laura talked to her about it. When Bradley said she was going to go to Cory and demand the moderator job, Laura asked about their relationship and learned more of what happened after Alex's last show. She also told Bradley that UBA was talking about replacing Cory and advised that Bradley try to mend fences there, as having him and the network on her side would help her.

Bradley came back to Laura saying that worked and she understood why they couldn't have both her and Alex moderate the debate, saying they couldn't have two straight white women. Laura questioned her labeling herself straight, which led to a fight in which Laura said she wanted to resent Bradley for not coming out when it was safe for her to do so and would give her the edge she needed to get the moderator job while Laura herself had been previously fired for being gay. Bradley said she didn't feel comfortable using her identity that way, but Laura said she didn't have any trouble identifying herself as southern and suggested that being southern is why she was so repressed. Bradley broke a nearby vase and insisted that she wasn't repressed. Laura told her to go find another woman's vases to break and Bradley left.

Bradley later went back to Laura's with a gift card and said all she knew about herself was that she's a pain in the ass. Laura went to go back inside, but Bradley pulled her into a hug, stopping her.[3]

Since they were unable to spend Valentine's Day together, Laura scheduled an interview with Pete Buttigieg so she'd have an excuse to go to Vegas and spend time with Bradley. That evening, Bradley spent time in Laura's hotel room. Laura explained that the conflict between her and Alex started when Alex found out she was a lesbian and then YDA found out right afterward. She suspected Alex told them, but even if she hadn't, Alex wasn't among those who stood by her and supported her in the aftermath of her firing.[4]

When Alex called in sick to The Morning Show, forcing them to find a last-minute replacement, Cory called Laura to see if she'd do it. Laura was with Bradley when he called and Bradley quietly indicated that Laura should do it, saying it would be fun. After agreeing, Laura got up to go to the station to prepare. Bradley asked if, since they both had to get up early the next morning, she could just spend the night. Laura said that she could and she could also leave some things at Laura's rather than dragging everything back and forth. Bradley went to pick up some things, but then texted Laura that she wouldn't be coming back that night as her brother was at her place.

While she was at the station, Laura talked to Chip about Alex and told him about Alex's confrontation with Maggie, which Laura had heard about from Maggie. Chip tried to cover for Alex.

The next morning, Laura arrived at the studio and got ready for the show. The show started well, with them giving an update on the coronavirus and speaking with a doctor about heart health. However, during a break, Bradley's brother, Hal, sent her the link to an article on The Vault, which outed their relationship. Bradley immediately showed it to Laura. When Bradley left the set after struggling through the next segment, Laura asked Daniel to cover the next segment so she could talk to Bradley. She told Bradley they could choose to ignore the article and let it blow over without acknowledging it. When Bradley said she was most worried about her family's reaction because of how she was raised. Laura promised her that it would be okay. Laura returned to the set, promising to cover for Bradley for as long as she needed.

After the show, Laura called Bradley, who was still in her dressing room hours later, not wanting to go home and see her brother. Laura invited her over and said she was dealing with her own problems because of it. It stirred up a lot of feelings from the first time she was outed, which happened in a time when it could get you fired. Laura then told her that a messed up kid is stuck, but a messed up an adult has a responsibility to heal themselves. She then told Bradley to go home, deal with her brother, and she'd see her the next day.[5]

The next morning, Laura was slow to come into work. When Bradley called her and wanted to see her, she said she needed to get into the right headspace before the show and it wasn't a good time. The air was tense during the show. On a commercial break, Mia called them all to gather and told them they'd received an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died, shocking everyone. She also asked them to keep doing what they were doing until the story could be confirmed.

At the next commercial, Bradley got word that her brother was at the studio and causing problems. Laura came out into the hallway, where he was yelling and airing their family's dirty laundry. When he got more aggressive, Laura called for security and they escorted Hal out.

Laura then went to Bradley's dressing room, where she comforted her and recommended therapy for Bradley to learn to cope with her childhood trauma. She also suggested it might be time to stop trying to help the members of her family that refused to help themselves. Bradley said she couldn't imagine leaving Hal behind.

Later, when Mitch's death had been confirmed, Laura handed the show over to Bradley so she could report it.[6]

Alex's Return[]

When Alex returned on the same day Bradley took off to take her brother to rehab, Laura filled in and hosted the show with Alex. Before they went on air, Laura checked with Alex to make sure she could be professional. The show went smoothly, including a handwashing demonstration.

After the show, Alex came to Laura and asked why happened between them and why they weren't friends anymore. Laura explained what happened from her point of view, including the appearance that Alex had gossiped about her, which led to her being outed. And then Alex just disappeared. After hearing Laura's side, Alex apologized for gossiping about her. Laura admitted that she gossiped about Alex, too.

After seeing Bradley interview Maggie, she told Bradley she was impressed by her, as, despite her personal feelings about and frustration with, Alex, she defended her in the interview and instead buried Maggie, who'd written the book that said all the things Bradley wanted said. Bradley said that Maggie wasn't being fair to Alex. Laura then said because of Covid and her heart condition, she was planning to go spend a few months at her ranch in Montana, for as long as it took for it to be over. She asked Bradley to consider coming to stay with her. Bradley reminded her that she's on TV five days a week. Laura asked Bradley to give that up for her, as she didn't like when her woman worked. When Bradley asked, she told Bradley she was just joking and she has a studio at the ranch Bradley could work from. But she did tell Bradley that, even though Bradley scared her a little, she did think Bradley was her something. When a kiss was interrupted by a knock at the door, Laura said she'd be waiting in the bedroom.[7]




After interviewing Bradley, while presumably heading home after the caucus in Iowa, Bradley kissed Laura to avoid answering her question of if she was vetted before becoming an anchor on The Morning Show. Bradley immediately apologized, but Laura kissed her back instead.[8]





She is an anchor at UBA News and has her own hour-long primetime show.

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