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Joel Rapkin works for The Morning Show.


Mitch's 50th Birthday[]

Joel joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.[1]

Bradley's First Day[]

On Bradley's first day, she went off-script when talking about her childhood and so Chip had Joel and Layla re-work the show to cover the time as he wanted to cut Bradley's time significantly.[2]


Joel traveled to California with the rest of the crew to cover the wildfires raging there. He typed as Yanko said everything he wtned to be in his report. When Yanko started diving into some history, Joel asked if wanted Joel to type that or if he was just telling him. Yanko said he wanted it included.[3]

Nicky's Firing[]

Shortly after their return to New York, Chip gathered Joel, Mia, Nicky, and Layla and told them they had to cut the bird flu story, which left a gap they had to fill in the show. This led to a debate over the best replacement. Joel suggested the EPA's new report on climate change, but Layla said it was dry and there was nothing new in it. Chip decided to go with Mia's suggestion of a pre-taped interview from Bradley, which upset Nicky. When Mia reminded him that Chip was his boss, Nicky said that Chip was also her boss, so she should stop kissing his ass, though he knew that was her specialty. The comment led to an awkward silence until Nicky apologized. Mia tried to move on from that, but Chip told Nicky to pack up his things and leave. Nicky was upset at being fired for saying to Mia's face what everyone else had been saying behind her back for over a year..[4]

End of Year Retrospective[]

As they neared the end of 2019, Joel worked with the others to put together a report of the major events of 2019.[5]

Chip's Return[]

Joel was working on the show when Mia came in and announced that Chip would be returning as Alex's producer, news which brought mixed reactions.

Debate Prep[]

Joel and the others helped Alex prepare to moderate the Vegas debate, helping her figure out which questions to ask and posing as candidates answering them.[6]

Laura's Time at TMS and Bradley's Outing[]

When Joel saw Laura Peterson filling in for Alex, he told Chip Alex would hate it. Chip replied that Alex could call the switchboard to complain just like everyone else watching from home. Later, when an article from The Vault outed Bradley and Laura as a couple, Joel said it was hot, which Isabella immediately told him was sexualizing them.[7]

Mitch's Death[]

When Mia received an unconfirmed report of Mitch's death, she sent Joel and Layla to find out whatever they could and see if they could confirm it. They couldn't go to air without two confirmations. When she got the name of the hospital where Mitch had supposedly been taken, she told Joel and had him call. Finally, they were able to get the two confirmations and reported that Mitch had died in a single-car accident in Italy.[8]

Mitch's Memorial[]

After Paige came to the studio to invite everyone to Mitch's memorial, Joel decided to attend. He was visibly distressed at Dick Lundy's euology and later shocked when Alex appeared at the reception.[9]


When Alex tested positive for COVID, Joel, along with the rest of the staff of TMS, was called together to be informed that someone had tested positive and they all needed to go straight home and wait for further instructions. Those who could work from home were told they'd be doing that. They immediately started speculating that the COVID case was Alex and Joel wondered if she really had a head injury or if she was in the hospital becuase of COVID.[10]








He works for The Morning Show.

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