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Isabella is Alex's assistant.


Mitch's 50th Birthday[]

Isabella joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.[1]

Mitch's Firing[]

When Mitch Kessler was fired as co-host of The Morning Show when The New York Times reported on allegations that he'd sexually harassed members of the staff, Isabella was waiting at UBA for her and asked her assistants, Sean and Greg, if Alex knew. Greg reported that she did. When the time came for Alex go do the show by herself and report on the allegations against Mitch, Isabella let them know.[2]

Alex's Award[]

When Alex had to attend an awards show to accept an award, Isabella gave her notes to help her prepare, as it was her first public appearance since the accusations against Mitch went public.[3]

Claire's Birthday[]

Isabella went out with several other women from the show to celebrate Claire's birthday. At the bar, they talked about the perils of dating with their jobs and the allegations against Mitch. While they were there, the article about the show in the New York Times was posted and they all stopped to read it.[4]

Alex's Return[]

Prior to the announcement that Alex was returning to TMS, Alex, Isabella, and Alex's agent, Doug, walked around UBA so she could see her new office.[5]

Isabella helped prepare for Alex's return. They were working when Mia told them Chip was returning to produce Alex, news which received a mixed response.[6]

After Alex's first show back, Isabella walked with her back to her dressing room as people congratulated her on her return. Later, when special guest Bernadette Peters wasn't able to make it to the studio to help celebrate Alex's return, Isabella told Mia, who tasked her with finding a last-minute replacement, someone already in the building. As she went to do that, Chip tipped her off that Howard Stern was in the building and she was able to get him to agree to come. However, that did not happen as Daniel instead took the microphone and performed a musical number himself.[7]

While Alex prepared for the debate, Isabella gave her a note telling her that Audra was in her office and wanted to talk to her. Isabella then went ahead of Alex to Vegas. She met Alex when she arrived and told her her scheduled for that day. After they finished a mock debate, Alex asked Isabella to get her some pain medication for her back.[8]

Alex left Vegas, but didn't return to The Morning Show, instead telling Isabella her back was still hurting and asking Isabella not to tell anyone about her, especially Chip. At a meeting, Isabella reported that Alex was feeling a bit better, but didn't know when she'd be able to return. Later, Chip found Isabella at Alex's place watering her plants, which is how he learned that Alex wasn't at home like he believed she was. Isabella told Chip that Alex had specifically told her not to tell Chip anything about her. She then told Chip he was always messing things up and got unlimited chances and she was sick of it.[9]

Mitch's Death[]

Chip became panicked when he learned that Mitch had presumably died in a single-car accident in Italy. When he learned that the last charge on Alex's card was an airport in Italy, he worried that Alex had been with him. When he shared this concern with Cory, he insisted on having Isabella brought in to help them track Alex down. Isabella told them she had Alex's passwords because she never remembered them herself, but couldn't use them as she would get fired. Stella told her they were worried Alex was dead, so she helped them check Alex's email, which showed that she'd booked a flight going into Teterboro. Chip was relieved when she came off that flight.[10]

Alex's Return[]

On Alex's first day back on set after her trip to Italy, Isabella was happy to see her there.[11]







She is an assistant to Alex Levy.

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