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Hannah Shoenfeld was the head booker of talent at UBA's The Morning Show.


Mitch's 50th Birthday and Being Raped[]

On the day of the last show before Mitch's 50th birthday, Hannah overheard Chip talking to Jared, then the head booker for TMS, about Jared booking a representative they'd had on before instead of a senator as Chip had asked. Jared said that it was too late to do anything about it, but Hannah said she had connections at Sadie Worthington's office and offered her help. Mitch noticed this and said Hannah was a go-getter. Hannah then desperately tried to get through to Worthington's office. She got a call from her friend Chrstine, but learned Christine no longer worked there. She'd had to move home because the isolation was too much for her. Despite being hurt by Hannah's actions, Christine offered her help.

Later, Hannah joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday. At the party, Mitch told Hannah she did a good job getting the senator and to keep up the good work.

After the party, Hannah continued her work. When an alert came up on her iPad, Hannah went to Chip's office and woke him to tell him there was an active shooting in Las Vegas. He immediately started making plans to send a team there to do a special show. When they were unable to locate Jared, Mitch suggested sending Hannah instead.

In Vegas, Hannah set up a meeting with a girl whose friend was killed in the shooting who might be willing to go on the show. After the show was over, Hannah was walking outside when she ran into Mitch. The two of them talked about their jobs and then went back to Mitch's hotel room, where they watched Caddyshack. When Mitch saw that Hannah was sad, he turned off the TV and hugged her, saying that she smelled good and he liked her. Then, to her surprise, he started kissing her and slid his hand between her legs. Despite her lack of reciprocity and obvious discomfort, he continued, undressing her and then moving them to the bedroom, where he raped her. While he was sleeping afterward, she gathered her clothes, got dressed, and left.

Back in New York, Hannah walked around in a daze. When Mitch barely acknowledged her in the hallway, she angrily went up to Fred's office to report him. As she attempted to do so, Fred stopped her and offered her the head booker job. She asked if that's how things were and he said yes. So she accepted the job.[1]

Mitch's Firing and Booking Bradley[]

After the news came out that Mitch Kessler had been fired from his job as co-host of The Morning Show, Hannah began looking for strong women to have on the show. Claire Conway showed her a clip of Bradley Jackson confronting a protestor who had shoved her camera operator. Hannah found Bradley's mother's address and flew to West Virginia to meet her. She had made accommodations for Bradley to come to New York to be interviewed on The Morning Show the next day, which Bradley agreed to do.[2]

Ashley Brown Interview and Investigation[]

Hannah told Chip that YDA had booked one of Mitch's alleged victims, Ashley Brown, for an interview. She had a plan to convince Ashley to give them the interview instead and Chip told her to do what she needed to do. Hannah went to Ashley and convinced her to come back to the place where she'd been hurt to tell her truth. She said that YDA would paint her as a bitch because they're TMS's enemy. If she went back on TMS to tell her story, it would show everyone that she has the nerve.[3]

At the next staff meeting, Hannah said she'd convinced Ashley to do the interview with them. She was worried it wouldn't look good going against the newly-hired co-anchor, Bradley Jackson, but Cory liked it because he said they were creating a safe, feminine space.[4]

An investigator came in at the request of the network to interview everyone about the culture at UBA and figure out if the problem was isolated to Mitch or if it went beyond that. In her interview, Hannah said there was nothing wrong with the culture and that everyone loved Mitch, whom she said made everyone feel like family.[5]

Claire's Birthday and NYT Article[]

As the NYT article about Mitch and the show loomed, Hannah went out with several other women from the show to celebrate Claire's birthday. At the celebration, they talked about dating co-workers and everything that had happened with Mitch. When Bradley asked if they really believed what happened was isolated to Mitch. Hannah asked if she was asking as a reporter or as a friend. Bradley just said she'd be surprised it Mitch were really the only one. When the article came out, they all read it. It reported that no other incidents of a cover-up climate were reported.[6]


Hannah traveled to California with most of the cast and crew of TMS to cover the wildfires raging there. When they arrived, they set up a production camp. Hannah said they were working on the press conference with the Malibu fire chief. And she was working on getting a nurse treating victims of the fires, but she was skittish. She also said that Claire had found a video on Twitter about private firefighters hired by rich people to protect their property.

Hannah later spoke to Mrs. Rosen on the phone to book her for the show. The phone signal wasn't good, so she had Claire drive her away from camp so she could get enough signal. On their way back afteward, Claire asked Hannah how she got so good at speaking to people who had been through traumas. Hannah said she just tried not to make it worse. She had practice because her mother died when she was ten. She then offered Claire adderall, which she took, becuase they were going to be up for 30 straight hours. She also advised Claire that remotes were a good time to impress higher-ups as things happen on remotes.

That night, Hannah watched Claire enter Yanko's motel room. She then went to her own room, where she used cocaine and took some more adderall, which she washed down with alcohol.[7]

Mitch Asking for Help[]

One night, while Hannah was at home, Mitch came to her and said she got something from him and it was time for her to repay the favor.[8] Mitch asked her if she remembered sleeping with him and using that as leverage to get the head booker job. He said he wasn't judging her, but he needed a favor from her. He asked for her help getting proof that Fred swept his behavior under the rug. He said she could be anonymous if she wanted, but he needed someone. She wasn't sure if she could, so Mitch said the story was going to come out either way, but if she helped she could control the narrative.

Hannah met up with Claire at a bar. Claire talked to her about her relationship with Yanko, which Hannah didn't think was appropriate. She said it wasn't worth losing her career over it. She admitted that she was the one who reported Claire and Yanko after seeing them sneaking around in LA. This angered Claire, who said Hannah just didn't understand their relationship.

Hannah then got a call from Mitch, saying he needed her help sooner than later. She agreed to meet him outside his apartment. When they met up, she explained what happened in Las Vegas from her point of view, though he was convinced she was lying and had to have known what was going to happen when she came up to his hotel room. She finally said she'd corroborate his story on the condition that she could remain anonymous and he would leave her alone.[9]


Hannah got a text from Maggie Brenner, asking Hannah to call her. Then she got a call from Derek Colby, the EP of UBA 365, offering her a producer job in LA. She asked him for some time to think about it and he said that was okay. During this time, Hannah continuously ignored Claire's attempts to apologize to her.

After that day's show, Hannah went to Bradley's dressing room upon her request and learned that Bradley was planning to interview Mitch on TMS. Hannah was upset that Bradley talked to Mitch about her. Hannah said Bradley couldn't use her name during the interview. She also told Bradley she just wanted to get out of New York and put it behind her.

Despite this, Hannah later met up with Bradley and told her what happened in Vegas and how she reported it to Fred, who offered her a promotion to buy her silence. Bradley asked if Hannah was getting any kind of help processing all of this and Hannah was insistent that she didn't need any help. She just needed to take the new job and get out of New York. She asked Bradley to let her accept the job before doing the interview. Bradley offered not to do it at all, but Hannah said she should do it because Hannah couldn't tell everyone. Bradley offered to have Hannah call her whenever she wanted to talk, but Hannah just asked her to leave.

Hannah called Colby back and said she was interested in coming to LA to meet about the job. However, before she could do that, Hannah died of a drug overdose in her apartment.[10]


Hannah was whip-smart and charming, which she could effortlessly put to use in her job. She was intimidating but not easily intimated.




Hannah's mother passed away when she was ten years old and the grief taking a toll on Hannah's life.


Hannah was friends with several co-workers, most notably Claire Conway.


Hannah admired the work of her superior, Mitch Kessler, until a night in Vegas where he raped her in his hotel room.


Hannah started at The Morning Show for UBA as a junior talent booker. She was promoted to head talent booker by Fred Micklen after informing him about her sexual assault by Mitch Kessler whilst covering the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, as a way to silence her from taking her accusations further. As the internal investigations were to be made public, Hannah was offered a more lucrative producer role in Los Angeles by UBA. She accepted to meet with the team in L.A., but overdosed on the same night, resulting in her death. In the aftermath, Hannah's death resulted in Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson hijacking The Morning Show, revealing the toxic working environment behind-the-scenes.

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- "We're The Morning Show. We can do anything."