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Greg is one of Alex's producers.


Mitch's 50th Birthday and Vegas Shooting[]

Greg joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.

Later, when they learned about a shooting in Las Vegas, Greg traveled with much of the cast and crew to do a special show there. When they arrived, Hannah told him she was talking to a girl whose friend was killed in the shooting who might be willing to do the show.[1]

Mitch's Firing[]

Greg rode with Alex on her way to the studio to record The Morning Show. On the way, he and Sean briefed her about her schedule. Greg then reported to Isabella that Alex knew that Mitch had been fired due to the New York Times reporting on an investigation into allegations that he'd sexually harassed employees of The Morning Show. While getting ready for the show, Alex told Greg that she didn't feel anything and he assured her she'd find her way once the camera was on her as she always had before.[2]

Alex's Award[]

As Alex prepared to be honored at a journalism awards show, Sean told her the network was nervous as it was her first public appearance since the news about Mitch came out.[3]

When Alex unexpectedly announced Bradley as her new co-host, Bradley had to come to the studio to prepare for the job. When they went to rehearse, Greg informed her that Alex was in a meeting and wouldn't be joining them.[4]


Greg went with the cast and crew of TMS to California to cover the wildfires raging there. There, he worked with Yanko to try to make everything fit together for the show. He later gave Alex a thermos of tea and told her the man who had rescued several dogs was there for his interview. When Alex got emotional during the interview, Greg and Bradley went to her trailer, where she'd closed herself inside. He also told Chip the press was putting out feelers about Alex's so-called meltdown. Chip told him not to let the press make a big deal of it.[5]

Alex and Bradley's Takeover[]

When Bradley announced on set that Hannah had died, Greg had to break the news to Alex, who had missed Bradley's statement. Greg then helped Alex get ready for that day's show. As the show started, Alex struggled to speak and had Bradley take over. Alex then got out of her seat and started walking around the set. Marlon told Greg to get her back in her seat, but she refused when Greg asked her to sit down. Alex and Bradley then reported on Fred's complicity in covering up Mitch's actions, creating a toxic work environment. They continued until the studio cut the feed.[6]








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