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Bradley Jackson is the current co-anchor of Alex Levy at UBA's The Morning Show, replacing Mitch Kessler after he was fired over sexual misconduct.


Early Life[]

Her parents got divorced after her father was sent to prison for driving drunk and killing a child. She is estranged from her father and hasn't spoken to him for 15 years. She had lots of arguments with both her parents.

She had an abortion at 15, which her mother was not aware of.

Coal Mine Protest[]

Bradley and her team went to cover a protest at a coal mine. While on the way, they learned that Mitch Kessler was fired from The Morning Show when it came out that he had multiple complaints of sexual harassment against him, which she thought was a good thing. When they arrived, they started to get set up. Bradley was upset to learn that someone else from the network got the late hour anchor job Bradley wanted, which Bradley was told was because she wasn't agreeable and the other woman, Sarah, was. As the protest continued, Bradley got a call from her mother, informing her she'd brought Bradley's brother, Hal, home. Bradley was upset, but told her mother she'd call her back later. Soon after, Bradley's camera operator, Joe, was knocked down by a protestor. Bradley confronted the man. When he insulted her, she asked him to tell her everything he knew about coal. She called out everything he said as wrong. Once the confrontation was over, she calmly returned to her report.

After work, Bradley went to her mother's house, where she said Hal was a drug addict and he needed treatment. She was upset that her mother brought him home instead of leaving him at the rehab she'd gotten him into and paid for. Their conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door. Bradley opened the door to find Hannah Shoenfeld, who asked Bradley to come to New York to be interviewed on TMS. Bradley agreed and traveled to New York. To prepare for the interview, Bradley watched clips of Alex interviewing other people.

The next morning, Bradley came to the studio, where she met Alex right before they went on air. Alex asked Bradley about the video and implied that Bradley knew she was being filmed, despite her insistence that she didn't. Bradley then explained that people wanted more transparency about the people reporting the news and want to make sure those people are truthful. Once the interview was over and they were off the air, Alex told Bradley she was good.

Meeting with Cory and Becoming Alex's Co-Host[]

As Bradley prepared to fly back to West Virginia, Cory called her and asked to meet with her and talk about her future. When she asked if this would be her big break, he said that was up to her.[1]

Bradley went to the meeting and learned that Cory wanted her to be a field correspondent for TMS. He said he'd set up a meeting for her with Chip to talk about it more. In the meeting, Bradley talked to Chip about the big ideas she had for stories. He shot all her suggestions down, saying they weren't right for the show. She told him she'd seen the kinds of stories they had on TMS and it was barely news. He got angry and told her to leave, which she did.

Despite the interview going poorly, Cory had his assistant call Bradley and invite her to the Leadership in Journalism event, where Alex was being honored. He offered to make her new arrangements and get her an outfit to wear as she hadn't packed anything suitable.

At the event, Bradley was shocked to seated at the UBA table and told Alex she didn't know why she was there. Alex knew Bradley was there to mess with her and told Bradley that. Alex then shocked everyone by announcing Bradley as her new co-host while accepting her award.[2]

Alex then let the stage and posed for pictures with Bradley, whom she advised not to look so shocked. Once Alex left the event, Cory congratulated Bradley and told her not to say anything to anyone before meeting him at the studio. Mia ferried her out through the crowd that gathered around her. Mia rode with her to the studio and said she couldn't back out because Alex had put it on the public record. Bradley believed she was being set up to take the fall.

Despite this, Bradley went to the meeting. Mia told Bradley to think about what she wanted while she waited to meet with Cory. As she waited, Bradley got a call from her brother, who said their mother saw her on the news and was upset that she hadn't told them. Bradley told him that she didn't know.

Bradley toured the set of TMS. Alex asked her if she wanted to take a seat on the stage. They talked about Alex blindsiding her with the announcement, which Bradley didn't like. Alex defended her actions, saying she put Bradley in a great position to negotiate and was welcoming her with open arms. She told Bradley to be at the studio at 7 the next day so they could get started. She also advised Bradley to start getting up earlier to get herself acclimated to that.

Bradley then worked with Mia to get ready for the show. Bradley was upset to learn that the show was entirely scripted and she wouldn't be allowed to write anything for herself. Mia took Bradley to the control room to show her behind the scenes. Bradley then did screen tests, but took issue with the backstory they'd written for her. Next, she went to Barney's with a $30,000 budget to buy a new wardrobe for the show. While she tried on clothes, she commented that she still didn't have a signed contract. Cory promised they were working on it. He also said he didn't think Bradley was a hard sell as she thought she was.

Bradley was surprised to see Alex not come to her first rehearsal. Instead, she practiced with Daniel. She fumbled over the words on the teleprompter. While she was rehearsing, she learned that she'd be doing the interview with Ashley Brown, one of Mitch's victims, a story that Alex was previously going to do. When Bradley learned that Alex was leaving the building, she followed her out and confronted her about not being around while Bradley learned the ropes as she said she'd be. Alex said she needed to leave and assured Bradley she'd be fine. She also encouraged her to sign her contract.

Monday morning, Bradley stepped onto the set next to Alex. Alex grabbed her hand and told her not to screw it up.[3]

As the show started, Alex introduced Bradley and welcomed her to the show. They then put Bradley's mother on a video call, where she read from cue cards, talking about how smart and sweet Bradley was as a child. Then they played a video of Bradley as a child. While the video played, Bradley privately expressed to Alex that the story they just read was very different from the one she'd been shown, which was more realistic. When their story resumed, Bradley told the truth, that her life was hard and she made some poor choices. She also admitted to having had an abortion at age fifteen, shocking everyone. She wanted to make sure viewers knew that her life wasn't perfect and was hard a lot of the time, but she got through it. After they went to commercial, Alex asked Bradley if that was intentional or if she had messed up. Bradley admitted that she didn't know. After leaving the set, Bradley went to her dressing room and lay on the floor.

That night, Bradley called her mom and told her everything she'd said was the truth. She was upset that Bradley never told her she could have had a grandchild. Bradley just pointed out the terrible job her mother had done with her and Hal. She couldn't bring a child into that home.

On Tuesday, Bradley went back to the studio for her second day. Alex talked to her on the way and said she couldn't give up because then she'd take Alex down with her, as Alex picked her and people on the inside knew even thought the public didn't.

When they went on air, Bradley apologized to the viewers and promised to work to earn their trust and forgiveness going forward.

On Wednesday, Bradley had a slip of the tongue on air, but was able to brush it off and keep going.

On Thursday, Kelly Clarkson came on the show and performed. She invited Bradley onto the stage to sing to her. After the show, Cory praised Bradley, saying she was doing well. She was preparing for the interview with Ashley Brown, one of Mitch's victims, which she was doing the next day. She told Mia she was nervous about the interview as she didn't want to disappoint anyone. She worried the planned interview was too safe.

On Friday, Alex told Bradley she just needed to stick to the script and she'd be fine. Bradley started the interview as planned, but then went on script, prompting Ashley to reveal the exact extent of Mitch's assault. When Mia and Alex tried to get her to stop, she removed her earpiece and continued. Once she was finished, Bradley thanked her for telling her truth.

After she left the set, Alex confronted Bradley about what she'd done and was angry because she'd taken a bet on Bradley. Bradley asked Alex if she knew what Mitch was doing. Alex was offended and refused to answer. Bradley walked off the set.[4]

At the end of the show, Alex congratulated Bradley on her first week, but once they were off the air, Alex warned Bradley never to question her integrity in her house again. After she left the set, Chip told Bradley not to annihilate herself. After watching Mitch come into the station and ask his former co-workers to stand up and speak on his behalf, Bradley left with him on the elevator, where she asked him who else knew what was happening. He asked her who she thought knew. Then he congratulated her and told her to keep her back to the wall.

While she was at a coffee shop, Claire and Hannah approached Bradley and asked her to go out with them for Claire's birthday.

Bradley woke the next morning to a call telling her Maggie Brener was almost there to interview Bradley. Mia warned her about Maggie and Mia said Maggie would expect her to answer all the questions everyone had about TMS. Bradley did the interview, which went well.

On her way to meet the others at the bar, Bradley got a voicemail from her father that left her unsettled. She went to the bar and started a tab while flirting with the bartender. The conversation quickly turned to Mitch and workplace relationships. Bradley expressed her believe that Mitch wasn't the only one complicit. Mia became upset by the conversation and left early. While the conversation continued, Bradley got another call from her dad. She excused herself and called him back. He told her he was proud of her and had been watching her on television, but she told him not to call her again and hung up. Bradley then went back into the bar and hooked up with the bartender in a storage room. She left abruptly after they were done. Then she returned back to her hotel and argued with the front desk, who refused to tell her which room Cory was in. Cory walked in and found her and led her to the elevator with him.[5]


Bradley woke up the next morning to Cory playing music. She was embarrassed about what she'd done and apologized to Cory. He said it was fine and said she was going to California to cover the wildfires raging there. Bradley was excited as boots on the ground is what she's good at.

On the plane to LA, Bradley talked to Mia. She said she was glad that Mia had come to the birthday thing and was surprised that half the staff didn't trust her. Mia said they didn't know her and trust would come.

When they arrived, they set up a prodcution tent and started talking about the next show. When Chip proposed ending on the story of a man who had rescued several dogs from the fire, Bradley said it was bit soft and proposed a story about the allocation of firefighting resources instead, saying there was evidence that more protection went to richer areas while poor people lost everything. Hannah said that Claire had found a video on Twitter about how some rich people hired private firefighters to protect their property. This discussion led to an arguement between Bradley and Alex about their role as a news show. Chip stepped in and said they'd end on the dog story, but Bradley should work on her story for the next show.

Bradley was in her trailer when Claire came in to bring her a mask, saying it was network policy to give one to each person. Bradley asked Claire about finding the video about firefighters. She also said she was looking for an assistant and Claire immediately offered herself up for the job. After speaking with Claire, Bradley offered it to her.

Things were cold betwee Alex and Bradley as they prepared for the show. Alex said they didn't have to be friends. They just had to act like it for two hours a day when they were on camera. They started the show and as soon as they were clear, Alex walked away.

As planned, they ended the show interviewing Tim Eavers, who had rescued several dogs, including his own, from the wildfires. While he was telling his story, Alex became emotional, so Chip had them focus on Bradley and cut Alex's mic for the rest of the broadcast.

After the show ended, Alex shut herself in her trailer. Bradley went to check on her and didn't believe her line that she was fine. She went inside Alex's trailer, where she held Alex's hair as she vomited. When she was finished, Alex said Bradley had seen her break down and could leave now. Bradley tried to stay, but Alex insisted that she leave. Bradley told Chip that Alex was calming down and said she'd cover the next segment.

Bradley met with Chip, who told her that Fred had said she couldn't do the story about the private firefighters and it was his network, so they had to do what he wanted. However, when Rena came in and said the wind had shifted and they had to move immediately, Chip said they should run the story anyway. During the next show, Bradley interviewed one of the private firefighters, who said he didn't blame people for doing whatever they could to protect their property, even when Bradley noted that an entire neighborhood very close by had been totally destroyed.

That night, Alex came to Bradley's room and told her she was getting a divorce, which was why she was acting so oddly. Alex was most upset about how it would affect her relationship with her daughter. Bradley assured her that her daughter would always love her, which she knew becuase she still loved her parents despite what they'd done. They hugged and Bradley went back to her room, where she saw she had a email from Mitch Kessler, asking her to meet with him. He said he had some information he thought she'd been interested in.[6]

Mitch's Offer[]

Bradley watched a video of Mitch talking about Harvey Weinstein and considered his offer. She then met up wiht him at hte park and he explained that he wanted her to interview him on TMS so he could tell his story. Bradley said it wouldn't happen, but Mitch said he had proof and he could dig up some witnesses, including a woman who slept with him to get a career bump. He told her to let him know as he was going to do the story with or without him.

The next day at work, Bradley watched the Frost/Nixon interviews. Then she went to Alex and checked on her, then asked if she'd talked to Mitch since he was fired. Alex admitted that she'd reached out a few times and that he thought hiring Bradley was crazy. Bradley said he wasn't wrong about that and Alex said Mitch had a habit of not being wrong about things.

Bradley, Alex, Alison, Daniel, and Yanko gathered on the set to take new show photographs. Alex told Bradley that she would have to announce her divorce on the show and asked Bradley to prepare something with her over dinner. While they were being photographed, they were surprsied to hear Mia's voice come over the speaker. Mia talked about her relationship with Mitch and the rumors that surrounded it. She knew everyone knew about it and she just wanted to move past it and do her job. When she was finished, Bradley left the stage to follow her. Out in the hall, Mia apologized for not telling Bradley about her relationship with Mitch because she really wanted to produce her. Bradley just said she was sorry Mia had to deal with all that.

While leaving for the day, Bradley ran into Cory in the elevator, where he suggested they walk back to their building together. Bradley was surprised, but agreed. While they walked, they talked about their work and Cory invited Bradley to go on a carriage ride with him. She said she needed to take a rain check.

After thinking about it for a while, Bradley called Mitch and said she might be interested if he could find someone to coroborate his story.[7]

Bradley then met with Alex to practice what Alex was going to say to the audience about her divorce. Bradley encouraged her to be honest. Bradley then told her about her plan to interview Mitch on TMS., which upset Alex. Alex was worried she would get screwed over by the interview. She told Bradley not to do it.

Bradley went back to her hotel room and called Hal. She asked him if she ruined their lives by reporting their father for driving drunk and killing a kid. Hal said she hadn't and that she wasn't responsible for his own problems with addiction.

Bradley invited Cory to her hotel room and she told him about wanting to interview Mitch. She told him she'd told Alex, but Alex didn't take it well. He told her she could do it, as long as she was okay with throwing a way a job that could give her a very nice life. They then went to Chip to include him in the plan. He disliked the idea of possibly taking Alex down with them, but then Cory told him that Alex was meeting with Marlon Tate, whom Fred had selected to replace Chip.[8]

Bradley, Cory, and Chip met with Mitch at his apartment and Mitch told them about Hannah and said she'd cororborate her story. Bradley said she didn't want to rush it as it was too important for that, but Cory and Chip said they needed to do it as quickly as possible or they wouldn't be able to do it at all. Bradley insisted that she needed to talk to Hannah first and wouldn't do it until she had.

Bradley asked Hannah to come to her dressing room after the show and there she told Hannah about the interview, which upset Hannah. Hannah said they couldn't use her name and that she had a job offer in LA and wanted to get out of New York as soon as possible. However, Hannah later reached out to Bradley and said she felt guilty and decided to tell Bradley what had happened. She told Bradley everything that had happened in Vegas. Then she told Bradley that Fred offered her a promotion when she tried to report it. Seeing how upset Hannah was, Bradley asked if she was getting any help processing everything. Hannah said she didn't need help. She just needed to get out of New York and move on. Bradley told Hannah to call her anytime and told her what happened wasn't her faul, but Hannah told her ot leave.

Bradley called Chip and told him she got enough to do the interview. Chip told her they had to do it the next day, early in the show. Bradley said she'd let Hannah know, because she'd been offered a job in LA. Chip then came to Bradley's hotel room and told her he'd been fired, but he still wanted her to do the interview, at least partially for selfish reasons as he knew UBA would cut the broadcast and the results of the investigation, which Fred said implicated Cory, would never be reported.

Before this plan could go forward, Claire called Bradley and told her Hannah had died of a drug overdose. Bradley then went on stage, where Fred was introducing Marlon Tate as the new EP, and told everyone that Hannah had died. Back in her dressing room, Bradley called Chip and told him the news and also said the interview was off because of it. She thought it was their fault. Bradley then went to Alex and told her she was leaving the show. Alex followed Bradley out to the street and convinced her to come back and do the show just for one more day. Back in the studio, Bradley told Cory she was leaving TMS, but Cory told her she needed to stay and fight, as she had evidence against the head of the company.

As they started the show, Alex struggled and found herself unable to talk. She turned things over to Bradley and walked off the set. Alex returned to her seat a few minutes later and interrupted the story Bradley was doing to say they'd been lying to the audience about themselves. She said there were bad things going on there. Bradley asked if they were doing it and if they were, they needed to do it quickly before the network shut the feed off. They then began talking about Fred and what he'd done. Alex also confessed to her part in it, saying she saw things and should have called them out but didn't because she was succeeding. Finally, Bradley said they couldn't accept a culture of silence anymore and encouraged everyone watching to get loud. She tried to continue, but she was cut off as the broadcast ended.[9]

Upheaval at UBA[]

Once the broadcast was cut, Bradley and Alex fled to Alex's dressing room, where they locked themselves inside while several people tried to come in. Alex was worried about the consequences from UBA, but Bradley said they needed to present a united front. Alex left the room and was immediately whisked away by her team. She told Bradley she'd call her later.[10]

Hosting with Eric[]

Shortly afterward, Alex quit, leaving Bradley with a new co-host, Eric Nomani. For the next eight months, they co-hosted the show together. As ratings dropped, they tried several things to bring them back up, including having Bradley and Eric perform a choreographed musical number to advertise their New Years Eve show.

Bradley went to Gayle about a segment Mia wanted her to do on Nutrition in the New Year. Bradley didn't want to do it, but Gayle advised her to pick her battles as ratings were down. Bradley wasn't worried as she had seen the reports of an evening news anchor who was accused of harassment and knew there would be an opening in evening news soon if they didn't value her at The Morning Show. Bradley was unaware that they were in the process of transferring Eric to the evening news.

Bradley went to Cory and floated herself as a replacement for Ray. She felt he owed it to her as she'd gotten him un-fired. Cory explained to her why he needed her on The Morning Show and said what she had with Alex was magic. Bradley didn't think they'd had it long enough to know that for sure and Bradley hadn't heard from her since she left. They'll never know what might have happened with them, but Cory tells her never to say never, unless he says never.

On New Years Eve, Bradley told Mia that she was grateful that Mia had always looked out for her. Bradley then went home and took a nap so she could be alert for the New Years Extravaganza. Before the show began, she and Eric toasted to the year ahead. Not long into the show, Eric finally cracked and told Bradley he was moving to the evening news and everyone knew except her. Bradley confronted Cory about this, but he said the job was hard and he was doing the best he could. She reminded him that he only had a job because of her, but he wasn't swayed, so she left as the ball was about to drop.[11]

Alex's Return[]

After the show was finished, Bradley went to Cory, who told her that Alex was returning as her co-host. He promised her she'd be okay, but she didn't believe him. She told him she thought she was coming down with something and didn't think she'd make it to work in the morning. Bradley called in sick for the next several days. She then met with her team, who were working on a new deal for her. Despite this, Bradley said she refused to return to the show until Eric was gone. They warned her that UBA could fire her if she refused to work, but she believed they wouldn't as she was the whistleblower and it would look bad for them. As she left that meeting, RJ called and told her that Cory had invited her to dinner at his place with Alex and Stella. She said she'd go if she was feeling better, but said they needed to invite Daniel and Alison as well.

Bradley called Chip and told him about Alex's return, saying it felt like she was in trouble and they were bringing her big sister to fix her mess. Chip advised her to watch out for Alex, as Alex was only on her own side.

Bradley wasn't going to go to the dinner, but Cory came to her hotel room door and persuaded her to go. Everyone at the dinner was happy to see her and healthy enough to return to work. As they sat down to dinner, the conversation turned to the novel coronavirus. When Daniel insisted on them covering it, Alex suggested he go to Wuhan and Bradley could cover the Iowa caucus instead. When the conversation shifted to the impeachment trial, Cory drew everyone's attention to him and proposed a toast to Alex and Bradley and revealed his plans for the grand return, including one-on-one interviews for each of them with Laura Peterson.

When Alex realized Bradley was acting standoffish toward her, she confronted her. Bradley tried to brush it off as if everything was fun, but when Alex went to leave, Bradley followed her and said how much it hurt her that Alex only told her she'd quit a week after she told the network. And in that phone call, she promised to check in with Bradley, but then she never did. Alex apologized for that, but said they only worked together for few weeks. Bradley then pointed out that she'd worked with Chip for 15 years and he hadn't heard from her either.

After the dinner, Bradley returned to work with Eric, pretending everything was okay.[12]

Bradley and Eric continued to co-host during his last days. As they finished the show where Alex's return was announced, as soon as the camera was off her, the smile dropped off Bradley's face. She then told Cory she wanted to moderate the debate in Las Vegas. She didn't want to get edged out because Alex was back. Cory refused to answer her about the debate, but said Laura Peterson would be interviewing her when she went to Iowa to cover the caucus.

Alex and Bradley had lunch together prior to Alex's return. At the lunch, Alex warned Bradley to be careful during her interview with Laura, as she was afraid Laura would trick Bradley into saying something she didn't mean to. Bradley was offended and told Alex she had been in the business for a long time and could handle herself. Alex in particular reminded Bradley that no one needed to know how Bradley came to co-host The Morning Show in the first place, as it looked bad for all of them.

When Bradley went to board her flight to Iowa, Alex called her and told her Laura had crossed a line in her own interview and warned Bradley that the interview wasn't the puff piece she was making it out to be. She told Bradley about the question Laura asked about Mitch and denied ever having sex with Mitch. Bradley ended the call and boarded her flight.

As they walked on the street in Iowa, Laura asked Bradley questions about how she got to where she was in her career. Bradley talked about growing up knowing that some doors wouldn't be open for her and then she found something she was good at and used it to get to where she was. Then she got to the point where she did something rash which made her realize she didn't have the control she thought she did and she didn't want to lose it all after working so hard to get there. As she said this, she had a charged moment with Laura until Bradley dropped her coffee cup, breaking the tension.

After reporting on the caucus, Bradley prepared to go to bed, only to end up talking to Laura, who admitted that Cory had asked her to mentor Bradley while they were together. Laura said she didn't understand why he'd said that as she didn't feel Bradley needed any mentoring. She also didn't believe The Morning Show was using her in the best way. Bradley admitted she was surprised by Laura, which Laura meant knew she'd been talking to Alex about her. She asked Bradley how her relationship with Alex was, but Bradley didn't answer.

The next morning, as they rode back to the airport, Laura said she'd gotten everything she needed for the interview. Then she asked to ask Bradley a question of the record. She asked if Bradley was actually vetted for the job at The Morning Show. Instead of answering, Bradley grabbed Laura's face and kissed her. Bradley then pulled back and apologized, but Laura pulled her back in to keep kissing.

On Alex's first day back, they sat down and were counted in to start the show.[13]

The Foo Fighters performed on The Morning Show to welcome Alex back and Bradley stood among the rest of the cast to watch. As she left the stage, Bradley was disappointed to see herself getting a less enthusiastic response to the show than Alex got. She left from there to go see Laura, who was happy to be getting to know her despite her being in the closet. Bradley denied being in the closet, saying she's not a lesbian. Bradley got dressed and prepared to go to Cory and demand to do the debate, but Laura encouraged her to try to make up with Cory instead, as being on the same side as the network would help her.

Following Laura's advice, Bradley went to Cory and apologized to him. She told him she wasn't really angry, just hurt, but anger was the only thing she knew how to express. Cory, knowing that Bradley wanted to moderate the debate, told her that Alex was probably going to get it and they wouldn't used two straight white women.

Bradley went back to Laura and told her that the conversation had gone well and Cory had a point about them needed the diversity for the debate and shouldn't send two straight white women. She resisted Laura's pressure not to label herself as straight, leading to a fight. Laura was fired from her job for being gay and knows things will be different for Bradley and she resented Bradley for not taking advantage of that. Bradley said she didn't want to use her identity like that, but Laura noted that she didn't have any trouble identifying herself as southern and suggested that she just didn't want her sexual orientation to be her identity. She suspected being from a Southern family led to Bradley's repression. Bradley broke a vase in anger, insisting that she wasn't repressed. When Laura told her to find some other woman's vases to break, Bradley left in tears.

After Alex encouraged Bradley to try to get the debate if she wanted it as Alex wasn't going to do it, Bradley went to Stella and tried to come out to her. Instead, she told Stella she was from a Southern, conservative family and felt that would bring the diversity they needed.

Bradley then went back to Laura, giving her a gift card as an apology. She told Laura she didn't know what she was beyond being a pain in the ass. Laura tried to go back inside, but Bradley stopped her by pulling her into a hug. Laura responded by wrapping her arm around Bradley.[14]

Cory came to Bradley to ask for anything else she knew about Hannah as he tried to resolve the lawsuit against UBA. She told him what little she knew and verified that he wasn't going to use it to try to get out of paying.

Bradley then flew to Las Vegas for the debate. Laura ended up on the same flight because she'd scheduled an interview with Pete Buttigieg. When pressed, Laura admitted she'd arranged it so she could go to Vegas and spend more time with Bradley. Once they arrived, Bradley spent time in Laura's hotel room. Laura told her that the tension between her and Alex was because she believed Alex is the one who got her fired for being gay and Alex had stopped socializing with her after she learned that. Their conversation was interrupted when Cory asked her to pick up her phone. When he mentioned he'd called her hotel room, she pretended to have been sleeping to avoid telling him about Laura. Cory then asked Bradley if, if he had the opportunity, should he do anything he could to keep Hannah's name from being dragged through the mud. Bradley said he should.

The next day, Bradley replaced Alex as a moderator for the debate when Alex abruptly left with the excuse that she was sick.[15]

Being Outed[]

The next day, with Alex still out with her back problems, Chip called Laura to ask her to stand in as a temporary replacement until Alex returned. Bradley was with her and pushed her to do it, so she agreed. Once that was settled, Laura left to go to research. Bradley suggested since they were both getting up early, she could stay over with Laura. Laura said that was fine and Bradley could also leave some things at Laura's place if she wanted.

Bradley went back to her place to get some things, but found her brother Hal there waiting for her, so she had to tell Laura she wouldn't be able to come back for the night. He said he missed Bradley, so he came for a visit. The next morning, Bradley checked Hal's bag before leaving for work, but found no drugs. She was unaware that Hal was awake and he told her she didn't have to worry about him.

The show started normally, but while they were on a break, Bradley got a text from her brother including a story from The Vault about her and Laura dating. Despite her horror, Bradley had to return to set and continue the show. After she finished the next segment, Bradley left the set and hid in her dressing room.

Laura found her there and promised she'd be okay. Bradley said she didn't want people talking about her, especially her family. Laura said they could refuse to acknowledge it and eventually it would fade away as a rumor. Laura then promised to cover for Bradley as long as she needed.

After taking time to collect herself, Bradley returned for the next segment of the show. After the show ended, Bradley returned to her dressing room, where she refused to speak to anyone. Finally, she got a call from Laura and admitted she hadn't left her dressing room. Laura invited Bradley to come over, but Bradley said she couldn't. Laura then told Bradley that despite how she was raised, she could recover and grow, like Laura herself had done. Laura then told her to go see her brother, do what she needed to do, and Laura would see her tomorrow.

Bradley went home and talked to Hal, who was upset because he'd been on the phone with their mother, who was freaking out about the news. Hal then admitted he'd been using, but stopped on his own. That's why he came to see Bradley. When he was with her, he didn't want to use. Bradley told him that was too much to put on her and he needed rehab. She offered to pay for it, as she'd done before. A knock at the door interrupted their conversation and Bradley went out into the hallway to talk to Cory, who pledged the network's support if Bradley decided to sue and said they would not pressure her to make any kind of statement at all about it. Bradley eventually said that maybe it was a good thing as it would force her to say she cared about someone, which she'd never done before. After their conversation, Bradley went back inside and told Hal he had to leave the next day, angering him.[16]

Mitch's Death and Hal's Outburst[]

During the next show after being outside, Bradley searched for Laura on set, as she wanted to talk to her before the show started, but Laura wasn't at the studio yet. She eventually called Laura, who had just arrived. Bradley apologized to Laura, but Laura said she needed to get her head in the game before she did the show, so she couldn't talk.

During a commercial, Mia called everyone on set to gather around and she told them that they had an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died in a car accident. She asked them not to share the information until they could confirm it and asked them all to keep doing what they were doing in the meantime.

At the next break, Bradley was told that her brother was at the studio and it was bad. As soon as she was clear, Bradley left the set and found Hal in a hallway, being followed by security. He was visibly intoxicated. As Bradley tried to calm him down with some coffee and get him to leave, he started sharing Bradley's personal business, including what their father had done. When he got more aggressive, Laura called for someone to get security and Hal was removed from the studio as he called for Bradley to help him.

Bradley then talked to Laura. She didn't think she could go back to set, but Laura convinced her that she could do it. She also encouraged Bradley to seek therapy and consider prioritizing her own mental health over taking care of the members of her family who were doing nothing to help themselves. Bradley said she couldn't imagine leaving Hal.

Later, once Mitch's death was confirmed, Alex asked Bradley over the phone to do the report, as she was the start of all the good change at the studio. Bradley announced Mitch's death and gave a short eulogy.[17]

Hal's Rehab and Interviewing Maggie[]

On the same day Alex returned to the show after her trip to Italy, Bradley took the day off to take Hal back to rehab. Before she left, she welcomed Alex back and said she'd like for them to go out for a drink some time, to clear the air.

When she dropped Hal off at rehab, he asked if they could go on a vacation when he got out, as they never got to go on vacations as kids. She told him she wouldn't be able to see him or talk to him after he got out, as she needed to take care of herself for once. Hal became upset and tried to guilt her into continuing to take care of him, including threatening to use the money she gave him to get drugs and overdose. She told him to stop and left without him.

Bradley, on Cory's request, interviewed Maggie prior to her book's release. Prior to the interview, she was given the chance to read Maggie's book to prepare. During the interview, Bradley staunchly defended Alex, asking Maggie why she seemed to have something against Alex. She pointed out how Maggie's stories about Alex were all from years ago and said she believed Alex had changed and pointed out that Alex was next to her when they broke the story about Fred, scooping Maggie in the process.

After the interview, Bradley spent the evening with Laura, who was impressed with Bradley. She was surprised that, after expressing her own frustrations with Alex, she defended her instead of burying her and in the process buried the person who wrote the book that said all the things Bradley wanted said. Bradley said that Maggie wasn't being fair. Laura then said that because of her heart condition and COVID, she was going to her ranch in Montana for a month or two, until it was over. She wanted Bradley to consider coming to stay with her. When Bradley reminded her that she's on TV five days a week, Laura asked Bradley to give that up for her, as she didn't like when her woman worked. When Bradley asked, Laura told Bradley she was just joking and she has a studio at the ranch Bradley could work from. But she did tell Bradley that, even though Bradley scared her a little, she did think Bradley was her something. When a kiss was interrupted by a knock at the door, Laura said she'd be waiting in the bedroom. The knock at the door was a hotel employee dropping off an envelope someone had left for Bradley. She opened it and found the money she'd given Hal. She asked when the envelope had been dropped off.[18]

Search for Hal[]

When Bradley wasn't able to get a hold of Hal, she printed off missing person posters and began distributing them around the city. One night during this time, Bradley got a call from Laura, but she ignored it. She later called police, but they said he hadn't been missing long enough for them to get involved.

Bradley learned that Alex had COVID and called her. Alex thanked Bradley for trying to help her, even when Alex warned her to keep her distance. Bradley said she did it was because it was true and they're friends, important friends. They both agreed to do better. When Bradley mentioned that her brother was missing, Alex asked if she wanted her to retweet something. Bradley said she hadn't posted on social media about it and Alex encouraged her to do it, so Bradley recorded a video of herself talking about Hal and holding up the flyer with his picture and posted it.

Cory came to Bradley's place after seeing the video and they went out together to hand out flyers and search for Hal. While they were out, Bradley started to feel hopeless, so Cory reassured her. He asked if Laura was in Montana and Bradley said she was. And also said Laura thinks Bradley's family is crazy. Bradley also said she missed her and wished she could help. Cory then said he had something to confess to Bradley, something that seemed justifiable, but then a pandemic hit. She said he didn't have to confess anything, that she trusted him, but he said that he loved her. He didn't completely know what that meant, but wanted it on the record. Things were awkward between them for a few seconds until Bradley's phone rang. A nurse from Antioch Hospital was on the line, saying that someone who looked like Hal was there without ID. As soon as she hung up, Bradley and Cory went to the hospital. At the hospital, the receptionist said they had new visitor guidelines and they had to wait to get information. Bradley tried to explain that she needed to see him to know if it was Hal, but the receptionist just told her to wait. While the receptionist was distracted, Bradley went through a staff-only door and began looking for Hal. Just as a nurse saw her and told her she had to leave, Bradley spotted Hal and went over to him. She hugged him and said she wouldn't leave him. He told her he'd gotten into a fight and got beat up.[19]


Bradley is a tenacious, but tired, journalist who doesn't care about her beauty or exhaustion.





She has not spoken to her father in fifteen years after she learnt he killed a child in a drunk driving accident. She has nothing but the utmost hatred for her father and it is revealed that she reported her father, which led to his imprisonment. This indirectly also caused the family to break and let to her brother, Hal, also becoming an addict.

After starting work on The Morning Show, she received an unexpected call from her father, who tried to reconcile, but this did not happen as Bradley was already under intense stress from show and dealing with Mitch Kessler.

Sandy Jackson[]

Bradley and her mother, Sandy, have a love-hate relationship with each other. She loathes her mother for being a terrible mother, but also appreciates that it must have been hard for Sandy after the disappearance of her father. It is also implied that Bradley was the major financial support for her mother and brother.

Hal Jackson[]

Bradley and her brother share a loving relationship, but she is also apprehensive of his drug habits. Bradley calls her brother when she needs to talk about her feelings or when something is weighing on her mind.

After her father's disappearance, it is implied that Bradley had a big role in taking care of her brother and raising him.


Alex Levy[]

Initially her relationship with Alex was somewhat rocky, when Bradley was sat next to Alex on command of Cory Ellison on an award show without any information being communicated to Alex. Following their first interaction, Alex still showed a general dislike towards Bradley. It was not until Bradley consoled Alex through an emotional breakdown that they started to like each other. However, this all went up in flames when Bradley revealed her intention to interview Mitch Kessler. Alex got extremely upset over this act and they only shared awkwardness glances and short conversations until Alex started spilling the beans on Fred's role in the toxic environment at UBA.



She is the current co-anchor at UBA's The Morning Show, replacing Mitch Kessler after he was fired over sexual misconduct. Before that, she was a field correspondent for SENN (South East News Network) in Virginia.

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Memorable Quotes[]

- "Fuck me and fuck my intentions, Alex. Part of my intention was to blow you up in that process."