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Alison Namazi is the co-anchor of The Twist, the pop culture segment at the end of UBA's The Morning Show.


Mitch's 50th Birthday[]

Alison joined the rest of the cast and crew of TMS to celebrate Mitch's 50th birthday.[1]

Mitch's Firing and Bradley's Hiring[]

Alison is the co-anchor of the pop culture show, "The Twist", with Daniel Henderson. While Daniel is frustrated with his career and standings at The Morning Show, Alison does not seem to be interested with her current status. When he complained that he should be up for co-host after Mitch Kessler was fired, she was disinterested.[2]

When Alex, in an attempt to get some leverage while re-negotiating her contract, refused to go on, Alison offered to go on for her.

Alison later attended an awards show where Alex was being honored. At the show, Alex shocked everyone, including Bradley, by announcing Bradley as her new co-host.[3]

Following Alex's announcement, Daniel and Alison told the TMS audience that Bradley and Alex were working together to prepare for a great show for them Monday morning.[4]

Sexual Harassment Investigation[]

Alison was interviewed by Vicki Manderly, whom the network had hired to figure out if anyone was implicating anyone other than Mitch. Alison said she'd never slept with Mitch, but he was a flirt. So is she and so is Alex, in fact. She liked having Mitch around because he was fun.[5]

Alex's Party[]

Alison attended a party Alex threw as a fundraiser. At the party, she and Daniel did a duet.[6]


When most of the cast and crew of TMS went to California to cover the wildfires raging there, Alison and Daniel remained in New York. They started the day's show in the studio before cutting to Alex and Bradley in California.[7]


Alison posed with Daniel, Alex, Bradley, and Yanko for new cast photos for TMS. While they were posing, they were all surprised to hear Mia's voice come over the speakers, talking about her relationship with Mitch and the rumors surrounding it. She ended her speech by telling everyone she just wanted to focus on her work.[8]

New Years Eve[]

On New Years Eve, Alison and Daniel traveled down to New Orleans to report on the celebration there. While they reported, a man walking by grabbed Daniel and licked him.[9]

Alison later joined a dinner party at Cory's place to celebrate Alex's return. When they sat down to dinner, they started talking about the novel coronavirus. Alison joked about it, saying it was like having the flu. She'd had SARS and said it was no big deal. Daniel told her not to joke as people were dying. Daniel wanted The Morning Show to report on it despite it not being exciting because it was important. The conversation quickly shifted to the Iowa caucus and then the impeachment trial, before Cory interrupted and called everyone's attention to himself so he could toast Bradley and Alex.[10]

Alex's Return[]

When the day came to announce Alex's return, Alison was called over along with Ty and Yanko to make the announcement with Eric and Bradley.[11]

Bradley's Outing[]

With Bradley still in Vegas after the debate, Alison sat at the anchor's desk for the next episode of The Morning Show while Bradley reported remotely. After listening to Bradley's report, Alison turned things over to Daniel, who was interviewing Peter Bullard. On the next show, when an article came out outing Laura and Bradley as dating, Alison said she believed the story was true.[12]

Mitch's Death[]

When they received an unconfirmed report that Mitch had died in a single-car accident in Italy, Mia gathered everyone together to tell them about it. She also asked them not to share the news as they were waiting for two confirmations before airing the story. They later got the confirmations and reported on his death.[13]



Alison's relationships with her fellow co-workers are rarely touched upon. She and Daniel Henderson are seen as close allies due to their co-anchor positions, and are seen attending the Gilmore Girls musical together. Alison is seen having a flirty exchange with Mitch Kessler, later telling a private investigator that she saw Mitch as a father figure and that she missed him. She also is notably missing from Claire Conway's birthday party, instead attending Alex Levy's charity fundraiser, but is devastated by the loss of Hannah Shoenfeld.






Notes and Trivia[]

  • According to Janina Gavankar in an interview with Good Morning America, Alison isn't very concerned with the goings on at The Morning Show, instead prioritising her social media career.[14]


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