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A Private Person is the sixth episode of the second season of The Morning Show.

Short Summary[]

TMS welcomes a new face. Bradley gets a surprise visit.

Full Summary[]

Bradley and Laura sleep with their hands clasped together.

Cory looks out over the city.

Bradley recaps the DNC debate remotely on The Morning Show. In the studio, Alison is at the main desk. She then turns things over to Daniel, who is interviewing Peter Bullard, who is about to launch his new show on UBA's streaming services.

Earl tells Al that he has a better story than Hannah for The Vault. Two major female celebrities in a secret same-sex relationship. Those stories don't have legs like they used to, but Earl insists it'll be a big win. To run the story, they need photographic evidence. They can't give him that, but Cory indicates for Earl to tell him where he can find them. Al then asks who it is.

Daniel asks Peter about his new show. Peter will be talking to people who are making a real difference in the world. Long-form, one-on-one interviews. Daniel says he's known for his irreverence, so this will be a change. Peter knows that, but he can evolve and has. Daniel reminds Peter of when he referred to Daniel as "mincing" on his show. Peter starts to stumble over his words as Mia warns Daniel over his earpiece to back off. Daniel brushes it off as humorous and they talk about planned guests for the show.

Gayle Burns is back in New York and says Vegas was triumphant.

Mia thanks Curt Savage, who has been filling in for Yanko. Then she orders a round of applause for the whole team for their coverage of the debate and caucus, especially Bradley. Since she did so well as a last-minute replacement, Mia can't wait to see what she does with three weeks to prepare for the Phoenix debate. Bradley is excited and pleased. Others call for a speech, but Bradley says she's not going to give one. She gives all the credit to Chip for cramming with her. The applause for him is more scattered. Bradley also hopes Alex feels better soon. Mia asks for an update on Alex from Isabella and Chip. Isabella was at her place last night and says Alex is feeling a bit better. Mia then asks Chip, who mimics what Isabella said. Everyone is distracted by a report on the news about Maggie's book and Audra's interview with Maggie.

Mia says Alex's health is the priority, but Stella points out that they promised the world Alex Levy, so they need to know when she'll be back. Chip says he only has a guess because back problems can be tricky. Stella wants to know what the doctor has said. Chips says the doctor says she's lucky not to need surgery. They have to wait and see. Mia puts pressure on Chip, but Chip says Alex is as upset as anyone else. Cory comes in. He just got off the phone with Peter Bullard, who wasn't happy about Daniel's line of questioning. Stella says he called her as well and she's dealing with it. Mia says Peter just pokes at everything and Daniel probably thought he was sparring with him. Cory doesn't understand why Daniel would do that. Peter Bullard is making them money, so he's allowed to be full of shit. Daniel pissed him off. Cory also wants to know when Alex will be back. Chip promises to tell Alex they're pushing for a return date. Cory says they need to find someone big to fill in until Alex gets back. Someone even bigger than Alex. Chip suggests Laura Peterson. Cory immediately agrees. Mia says Alex won't like it, but Chip says it'll motivate Alex to come back. Stella doesn't think Laura will agree to do it and says she'll put together a list of possibilities, but Cory says he'll call right away and get an answer.

Laura and Bradley are together when Cory calls Laura. He asks her to fill in for Alex while she's gone. Bradley wants her to do it. After a moment, Laura agrees to do it. Cory wishes he had time to promote it now. He tells her Mia will reach out. Once he hangs up, Bradley says she's excited. Laura leaves to go to the studio so she can prepare. She doesn't want to half-ass it. Bradley suggests that she could sleep over with Laura since they both have to get up early now. She just needs to go home for a few things. Laura agrees. She also says Bradley can leave some things there if she wants.

Mia's on the phone telling someone about Laura replacing Alex temporarily. She misses a call from Ken at Vanity Fair. She calls back, but doesn't get an answer. She leaves a message saying she knows he doesn't want the excerpt leaking, but she needs to know what she's dealing with. She says she'll be around.

Bradley gets back to her place and finds her brother waiting outside her door for her. He's there to surprise her. He missed her and wanted to see her. She asks how long he's staying because she can get him his own room. He says he'll be okay on her couch. As long as their mom isn't there, he's happy. He asks her to go to dinner if she doesn't have plans. She says she doesn't have plans as she texts Laura that she can't come back that night because her brother is in town. Hal wants them to get wild. They'll go to the sixth restaurant they pass.

Chip flips from channel to channel, watching a few seconds of each before finally turning off the television. Laura sees him sitting in the dark by himself and tells him it's sad. She turns the light on. He tells her how excited he is that she's going to be working on TMS. Laura asks about Alex and he tells Laura her back is hurting, but she's on the mend. Laura says Maggie was concerned as well. She tells Chip about Alex going to Maggie's hotel room. Chip tries to cover with Alex about it. He appreciates Laura checking in, but Alex is fine. Laura leaves, saying she'll see Chip in eight hours. Once Laura's gone, Chip calls Alex and leaves a message on her machine asking her to pick up the phone.

Bradley finds Hal asleep on the couch her with television on. She checks his bag, then turns the television off. He sits up, saying he was watching that. She tells him to get some sleep and he confronts her about checking his bag. He tells her she doesn't have to worry about him. She tells him she left a key and tells him to make sure his phone is charged if he goes out.

Laura arrives at the studio. Gordon greets her and leads her to her dressing room. It's messing with her to be back in morning television. Laura goes to Mia's office, where she's greeted happily.

Stella says it's time to kiss the ring and asks Cory if he's ready. It hasn't been long since they were kissing Alex's ring. Cory gets up and leaves with Stella.

Bradley arrives on set as well and Gayle remind her it's her show and Laura's just a guest doing a favor. Bradley steps onto the stage and greets Laura politely. As they sit down, Weaver offers them a tray of gag glasses and asks if they have preference. It's for a Marx Brothers tribute. Laura declines to wear them. As Julia counts them in, Laura asks what exactly they're doing. Bradley says to follow her lead and she'll be fine. Bradley starts by reporting about the spread of the coronavirus.

As Cory and Stella watch, Stella asks if Cory's okay. Cory says he's fine.

Bradley introduces Laura on the air and they start the show.

Stella watches the video of Yanko fighting the racist on the street. Cybil meets Stella and says she trusts Stella will do the right thing in the meeting she has with Yanko. Cybil doesn't believe they've been cleaning things up the way they should have been. She's upset about Alex's return. Cybil tells her to control her people or find people she can control. Cybil made it clear that Bradley was to be fired during her mystery illness, but instead, they put her back on the air. Stella wasn't aware of that. Cybil tells her to take responsibility. Cory has gone to bat for her. They're a package deal, but she can choose where her loyalty is. Cybil says she'll always be there and asks who else will when the bomb goes off.

Bradley talks about heart disease. It's a cause near and dear to Laura's heart. They have Dr. Gwen Zeegers-Bottum on to talk about the importance of taking care of your heart. She emphasizes sleep and reducing stress.

As they watch backstage, Joel tells Chip that Alex is going to hate it. Chip says she can call the switchboard to complain like everyone else watching from home.

Gwen has Bradley listen to Laura's heart on the air to hear a healthy heartbeat. Chip watches the interaction.

Yanko comes to meet with Stella. He's still in pain from the fight. Stella thanks him for sticking up for her, but he says he had to. That guy was way across the line. Stella still has to suspend him. He can't be hitting people on the street. Yanko doesn't understand how he's in the wrong again. Stella tells him all he's there to do is the weather. She's not his enemy.

As they wait, Bradley checks her phone. Her brother sends her the story about her and Laura dating from The Vault. Bradley shows the article to Laura, who says she'll be fine. They have ten seconds to air and Bradley grabs the gag glasses as she walks to the stage. She struggles to read the teleprompter as she watches everyone standing around as they read the news and look at her.

Lindsey shows Chip the article, which surprises him. Laura says she's fine when asked, but says her day just got shitty.

Back on stage, Bradley continues her interview.

Layla doubts the story is true, but Alison thinks it's real. Joel thinks it's hot. Isabella says he's sexualizing them. Ty asks Daniel if he thinks it's true and Daniel hopes not because it's horrible and painful to be publicly outed and it's nobody's business.

Bradley finishes the interview and thanks Tom Ballantine for coming on the show. Once they're clear, Bradley asks Gayle if she has time to use the facilities. Gayle says she does and asks if everything's okay. Bradley leaves the stage quickly. When Mia asks where she's going, Chip quietly tells her about the story.

Laura asks Daniel to cover the next segment and he says he will.

Bradley is in her dressing room trying to calm down when Laura comes in. Bradley tries to shoo her out so no one will see them together. Laura tells her they can treat it as bullshit gossip and not acknowledge it. Bradley says she's not embarrassed, but she doesn't want her private life public. She's a private person and doesn't want people discussing her private life. She feels like everyone is staring at her. Laura tells her she can go home, take a bath, and things will be better in the morning. Bradley can't go back to her hotel room because her brother is there. She doesn't want anyone knowing her business, especially her family. Laura tells her that Page Six published a rumor about Alex and Mitch years ago. They didn't respond and it was a blip. Bradley questions that because Laura asked Alex about it in their interview. Laura tries to calm Bradley down, but Bradley says if people know she's in a relationship, they'll know when it ends. She's never had a relationship last more than a few months in her life. Laura says they need to get back to the show. This is totally fucked up, but she promises Bradley it will be okay. She'll cover for Bradley for as long as she needs.

Bradley rushes to the set just as they prepare to start the next segment.

Bradley and Alison banter about a show as Mia receives a message saying it's for her eyes only. It's an article about Maggie's book, which says Mitch targeted Black women. She walks off set after reading it.

Chip tells Rena he doesn't know what's going on. He'd be freaking out if Isabella wasn't talking to Alex. Mia overhears him as she walks in and is angry that he doesn't know where Alex is or what she's doing because it's his job to manage her. Mia's also angry at Rena, but Chip says Rena has nothing to do with it. The only thing she's done is be the only person to treat Chip nicely upon his return. Mia tells Rena it's not her fault. Chip asks what's going on with Mia. Mia says he lied bout talking to Alex. He says he was trying to help. He can see that Mia's hurting. He's sorry for everything and wants to help. She tells him to get him her lead anchor back.

Gayle checks on Bradley, who is lying on her couch in her dressing room. She asks if Bradley will return some calls, at least from her reps. Bradley pretends she's working and declines. Once Gayle leaves, Bradley checks her phone, which has many notifications related to her outing. As she scrolls, she gets a call from Laura, who asks how the talk with her brother went. Bradley admits that she's still in her dressing room. Laura asks her to come over. It'll be good for them to see each other tonight of all nights. Bradley says she can't. Laura's dealing with her own problems because of this. She was outed when that could kill your career. She got therapy and made her peace and worked through it. She thought it would be fun to come back and do a victory lap, but immediately got outed again. They start to argue over it. Laura understands why Bradley is how she is. But Bradley doesn't think she does because her family messed her up. Laura says she's not a kid anymore. Adults get help and change their circumstances. Laura tells her to do what she has to do with her brother, go home, and Laura will see her tomorrow.

Chip goes into Alex's apartment. He apologizes for coming unannounced, but she hasn't returned any of his messages. He's surprised to find only Isabella there, watering the plants. Isabella admits that Alex isn't there. Isabella doesn't know where she is, but Alex asked her to check on her place and water her plants. And not tell anyone. She specified that Chip was included in that. Chip is angry that Isabella has been talking to Alex. Now Chip has to go track Alex down. He asks Isabella where Alex is. Isabella tells Chip he's always messing things up, but he's always first in line for second chances. She's sick of it. Chip leaves.

Cory watches a report from Laura on UBA365.

Bradley goes home. Hal tells her their mom has been calling all day freaking out about Bradley. Bradley says their mom could call her herself. Hal doesn't want to be the middleman. Their mother is embarrassed. Hal asks, if she thought everyone was so advanced, why she took so long to come out. Bradley says she was outed and it's different. Hal says it's not a good time for this. They argue over their mother and what they owe her. Hal admits he came to New York because he's been using. He can't handle living at home with their mother. He though Bradley helping her would make things better, but it made things worse. Hal feels guilty for leaving her, but he feels guilty about everything and it's killing him. He says he doesn't want to die, but he doesn't care if he lives and that scares the shit out of him. He knows if he's around Bradley, he won't use drugs. He begs her to let him stay. Bradley says that's too much to put on her. She tells him he needs to go to rehab. She offers to pay for it. He won't ask her for money, but she reminds him she paid for it last time when she didn't have money. Now she has the money. He tells her not to feed him a line about not being a lesbian or bisexual because the walls of their house were thin. Bradley warns him not to do what he's doing. She's had an awful day and doesn't need him taking out his anger on her.

Cory knocks on Bradley's door and listens while she fights with Hal.

Bradley tells Hal to be quiet because it's the CEO of the network. She goes out to see Cory and tells him her brother is there. Cory tells her that as far as the network is concerned, she doesn't have to say anything at all, whether it's true or not doesn't make a difference to them. She appreciates that. She's not sure why someone would publish such a story. Cory says the network will support her if she sues. She doesn't want to sue, but it's embarrassing. He says she doesn't have to say anything. Bradley says Laura's great and doesn't understand why she cares what those horrible people think about her. By horrible people, she means her family. Her roots are rotten. And now she has a woman in her life who is what she aspires to be. When she's with Hal, she sees who she really is. Cory tells Bradley she's her own thing and it's working for her. Bradley thinks maybe this is a good thing because it'll force her to say she cares about someone. She's never done that before. She has a lot of clarity. Cory's glad that it worked out.

Bradley goes back into her place and tells Hal he has to leave tomorrow. He screams at her through the wall.



Guest Starring[]


  • Stephanie Stevens as Dr. Gwen Zeegers-Bottum
  • Aflamu Johnson as Aflamu
  • Patrick Bristow as Gordon
  • Sean James as Jimbo
  • Guilford Adams as Curt Savage
  • Brian Stelter as Carl Richardson
  • Ron Gilbert as Tom Ballantine
  • J. Anthony McCarthy as Weaver
  • Stefan Chase as Corrine Patterson
  • Mark Ivanir as Al

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